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Minutes of the Evaluation and Assessment Committee
The meeting was called to order on January 14, 2014 at 1 p.m. in Room 5208.

Members Present:
Cathy Beale, Cheryl Cunningham (Chair), Joey Fronheiser, Jessica Hogan, Jeff Laub, James Lemons, Muriel Mickles, Kris Ogden, Gary Randolph, Pam Reynolds (Recorder), and Will Sandidge

Members Absent:
Lauren Calloway, Peter Dorman, Linda Mallory, and Xavier Retnam
Cheryl announced Lauren would not be attending the meeting and Gary announced Peter could not be at the meeting due to an emergency situation.

Meeting Minutes from November 12, 2013 meeting:
Cheryl handed out a copy of the previous meeting’s minutes and an agenda for today’s meeting. Due to Pam sending a copy via email to all members prior to the meeting, the minutes were not read aloud. Jessica suggested the minutes not being sent to each individual member. Once the minutes were approved by Cheryl they could then be uploaded to Communication Central. They did not need to be approved by each member. Each member can read the minutes on Communication Central. If any changes need to be made, a corrected copy can then be uploaded to Communication Central.

Old Business:
Report by the (OIESP) Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning from Joey. Joey reported the assessments were going well. He stated his office had assessed 80 associate graduates. He announced the next step of the departmental assessments would be due on January 17, 2014 and that all the department heads were on the right track. The assessments are an ongoing process and they are making improvements as they get the feedback from the faculty for the educational assessments and the department heads for the departmental assessments.
He discussed his SACSCOC General Education update during spring 2014 Convocation and the role Peter and Gary played with their update of the student learning outcomes and ENG 111/112. They will be communicating with Rick Tyler in the future with any changes to the student learning outcomes.
Review of Objectives by Jessica Hogan. Jessica believes the faculty needs to know certain requirements for the objectives. We need to give ideas to point them in the right direction. Jessica suggested the following objectives:
·       Write and develop policies and instructions for the 4 levels of evaluations and assessments
·       Identify useful and effective instruments for evaluation and assessment
·       Communicate the best practices in using effective instruments to college personnel
·       Receive faculty, staff, student, and administrator input on the evaluation and assessment process
·       Communicate results of evaluations and assessments to the college
Gary agreed with Jessica’s objectives. Cheryl asked should we add these objectives to the purpose of the committee. Muriel agreed with Cheryl to add to the objectives but we would need to clarify them. Muriel stated they were wonderful suggestions. Jessica wants to keep our vision toward the future. She asked the difference between a goal and an objective. Cheryl replied a goal has a set date when it needs to be completed whereas an objective is more broad and ongoing. Will will make sure the Faculty Association understands the evaluation and assessment process.

Update on the Research of Administrator Evaluations by Jim Lemons. Jim announced he was researching employee evaluations of supervisors. He looked into what type of evaluations other colleges used and found the traditional 360 evaluation. He handed out an example of an evaluation. (A copy of the example evaluation is included with these minutes). Joey mentioned the college was thinking about buying software for the evaluations. The cost would be around $15,000. Jessica asked what the software would do. Cheryl believes the software would be worthwhile. Centra and Carillion are using this type of software. She stated you would receive more honest feedback. A lot of employees fear retribution but for that amount there is no identity in the evaluations. Jessica thinks if it is that good, would the VCCS consider using this software across the board. Jim offered to gather more information from individual colleges and then contact Dr. Lee with the VCCS. The committee agreed for Jim to do more research on the administrator evaluations.

New Faculty Evaluation Update from Jim Lemons. Jim reported the new faculty evaluation process was going well. It was a slow process at the beginning but he believes the faculty is understanding it more now and are trying not to make it so difficult. You need to document what you are already doing and not over think the process. Jim announced Jane Pearson had gone to the training program at Danville Community College on November 22. Muriel Mickles announced Donna Hobbs also attended the training program and she will send any info Donna brought back from the training to the committee members.
New Business:
At this time there was no new business.
 Agenda topics for next meeting:
·       Update from Joey on the Educational and Departmental Assessments Process
·       Update from Jim on the research of administrator evaluations
·       Update from Jim on the new faculty evaluation process
·       Any new business
Our next meeting will take place on February 18, 2014 at 1 p.m. in Room 5208.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Pam Reynolds
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