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Minutes of the Evaluation and Assessment Committee
The meeting was called to order on September 27, 2016 at 1 p.m. in Room 2209.

Members Present:
Fazi Arabi, Cheryl Cunningham (Chair), Peter Dorman, Kirk Gomes, Nathan Kolb, Shannon McDermott, Muriel Mickles, Gary Randolph, Pam Reynolds (Recorder), Kevin Riley, and Cynthia Wallin

Members Absent:
Sue Cochrane, Jessie Hogan, Jim Lemons, and Kris Ogden
Cheryl received word from Sue, Jessie, and Kris that they would not be able to attend today’s meeting due to prior engagements. Jim was in another meeting and was not able to attend today’s meeting also.

Meeting Minutes from the August 23, 2016 meeting:
Cheryl announced that Pam had a copy of the August 23, 2016 meeting minutes in case anyone needed to review them before the meeting. She reminded everyone the minutes are always on Communication Central. Everyone agreed to the minutes. Peter made the motion to approve the minutes and Cindy seconded the motion.

Old Business:
Report by the (OIESP) Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning from Kevin.
Kevin announced the first eight-weeks evaluations would be starting next week from October 3 through October 12. He will be sending out information on September 30. Since we have the new software, Kevin did a comparison between the spring 2015 and spring 2016 semesters. In the spring 2015 semester we had 16.8% participation and 21% participation in the spring 2016 semester. He believes the new software is a positive move and more user friendly.
Peter announced the HSS department only had four students do the evaluations in the summer. He even bribes his students but HSS faculty still had low participation.
Cheryl announced the Radiology classes did not have a good percentage and she bribes her students by offering extra credit.
Cindy suggested students having the opportunity of doing the evaluation in classrooms with computers may bring a higher percentage rate. Cheryl stated that she had computers in her classroom. She accepts email confirmations (which can be printed now or later). After receiving the confirmations, she will then give the extra credit. That does not even give the incentive to some of the students. Her percentage rate is still generally low.  Kevin stated the evaluations are now functional on smart phones and is hoping we will get more participation each semester.
Kevin reported on how effective SAILS was working with the students. He should have a report for the spring and fall by November 8, 2016. After researching it for the last fall and spring, it had an 81% percent usage. The system office is also researching it to see how well it is working. Cheryl announced she had two students who were falling behind in non-Radiology classes and through SAILS she was able to work with their faculty members to help bring their grades up. She believes it is a helpful tool. Kevin stated that he and Hunter Overstreet would be doing a survey to see if students are understanding the SAILS program.
Kevin stated the Educational Institutional Effectiveness Annual Reports were all completed and received on time.
Kevin stated he had received a few of the Guided Pathways reports. He is satisfied with the progress of the reports.

Update on Supervisory Evaluations from Muriel.
Muriel has been meeting with Randall Franklin in our HR department. He is looking into the progress of the supervisory evaluations. They will be meeting on this and will report the findings at our next meeting.

New Business:
Cheryl asked if there was any new business. At this time, there was no new business.

Other Comments:
Muriel announced the approval of the General Studies associate’s degree program by SCT (State Committee of Transfer) and SCHEV (State Council of Higher Education for Virginia). It was presented last Thursday, September 22, and approved. She will be sending an email announcing this recognition in the next few days. She wanted to acknowledge Kris Ogden and Kevin Riley on their help with the presentation. She believes this will make the Guided Pathways and Financial Aid process much better.
Peter stated the problems they were having with understanding what electives are transferrable. Cindy stated that all transferrable electives are listed on page 49 of the college handbook. If there were some classes that were not listed on page 49 and are believed the class should be transferrable, they need to research the class. Peter was happy to announce that ASL (American Sign Language) had been approved to be listed as a Foreign Language elective. This is the first semester to be a transferrable elective. Cheryl was excited due to the fact they use interpreters at the hospital.

Any Questions:
Cheryl asked since Sue Cochrane had assumed the position as Director at the Appomattox Center and would not be able to attend the meetings, should we take her off the committee. Muriel suggested Cheryl getting in touch with the Part-Time Association and asking for a replacement. Cheryl will take care of doing so and reporting the replacement to the committee at our next meeting.

Agenda topics for next meeting:
·         Update on the ongoing assessments from Kris and Kevin
·         Update on the ongoing Guided Pathways process from Kris
·         Update on supervisory evaluations from Muriel
·         Update on replacement of Sue Cochrane from Cheryl
Our next meeting is November 8, 2016 in Room 2209.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Pam Reynolds
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