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Minutes of the Evaluation and Assessment Committee
The meeting was called to order on August 22, 2017 at 1 p.m. in Room 2205.

Members Present:
Fazi Arabi, Peter Dorman, Donna Hobbs, Jim Lemons, Shannon McDermott, Muriel Mickles, Kris Ogden, Jane Pearson, Gary Randolph, Pam Reynolds (Recorder), Kevin Riley, James Tuite, and Cynthia Wallin

Members Absent:
There were no members absent at today’s meeting.

Old Business:
This being the first meeting in the new academic year, the main topic on the agenda for today’s meeting was to elect a chairperson for the committee. At the last meeting on March 28, 2017, it was suggested to ask Kris Ogden to take the role of chairperson. Kris explained due to her involvement in the evaluation and assessment process she believed it would be a conflict of interest.
Cindy nominated Shannon for the position and Peter seconded the nomination. It was approved by the committee. Kevin will also update the membership roster to include Pam as the permanent recorder for the committee which was approved at the meeting in March. Pam mentioned the roster was incomplete. There is no classified staff representative or workforce representative listed. Kris will check with Tom Sparhawk to see if we can get a classified staff member to join the committee and Jim will invite a workforce member to join the committee.
Kris gave Shannon a copy of the goals for the committee. Shannon read the objectives aloud for the committee and asked for any changes. No changes were made and the committee approved the objectives.
Shannon asked if the annual administrator evaluation was being implemented. Muriel stated Will Sandidge would be a great person to present it when it was complete. Will is waiting to hear from Randall Franklin, the Human Resources Manager.

Report by the (OIESP) Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning from Kris.
Kris announced the new navigation system that was being developed should be live next fall.
Peter asked about the results of the CCSSE (Community College Survey of Student Engagement) surveys. They have been completed and the results show where there was improvement from last time. Kris stated their office would need to create summaries showing the difference; they may could create a form showing the results. All graduate assessments from Kevin are all on Sharepoint.  

Jim asked Kris if there was a way to show the employment rate on the allied health programs. He stated they survey the graduates and the employers. This way they know the skill set the employers are asking for in an employee. He asked are there jobs for career technical programs; for example, Emergency Medical Technicians. Kris announced Kevin does research on how long it takes for students to complete programs, what jobs are available in that program, if students took out loans, the payback for loans, etc. Kris can match records with the Virginia Employment Commission. With the new product, SOC codes can be entered and jobs within that field will become available on the website.

Jim announced they had a great response rate from the student and employer survey. It helps us to know if we need to tweak, add, or take anything away from the curriculum. Due to the allied health programs being a small group of students, students will let us know when they get a job and where they are employed. Muriel stated it was harder on transfer programs due to the amount of time some students take to get their degrees. Shannon mentioned she keeps track of some of the biology students. Cindy believes students need a faculty advisor and would need to see them at least once a semester. That would be a way to keep in touch with the students to see if there are any problems and also a possibility to keep in touch after they graduate.

New Business:
At this time, there was no new business.
Shannon, our new chairperson, will be looking over the goals for the committee and will be creating an agenda for our next meeting which will be held on September 26, 2017.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Pam Reynolds
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