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Minutes of the Evaluation and Assessment Committee
The meeting was called to order on September 26, 2017 at 1 p.m. in Room 2205.

Members Present:
Susan Anderson, Peter Dorman, Jim Lemons, Shannon McDermott (Chair), Kris Ogden, Jane Pearson, Gary Randolph, Pam Reynolds (Recorder), James Tuite, and Cynthia Wallin

Members Absent:
Mike Alderman, Fazi Arabi, Donna Hobbs, Muriel Mickles, and Kevin Riley
Shannon received an email from Kevin saying he would not be at today’s meeting due to being in Richmond where he was attending a Tech Council meeting.

Meeting Minutes from the August 22, 2017 meeting:
Shannon asked if anyone had any changes to the meeting minutes from August 22, 2017. Jim made the motion to approve the minutes and Gary seconded the motion. Everyone agreed to the minutes.

Old Business:
Report by Will Sandidge regarding 360˚ Administrator Evaluation
At our last meeting, Muriel suggested Will Sandidge would be a great person to present the annual administrator evaluation when completed. Will was invited to today’s meeting for the presentation.

Will explained the purpose of the 360 Administrator Evaluation was to provide feedback to the administrators. He handed out a copy of the final questionnaire which was approved by the president’s staff. He thanked Jim Lemons, Kris Ogden, and Randall Franklin for their input. They asked different colleges how they evaluated their administrators. Some colleges would choose ten people every three years to evaluate and try to determine how to do things better. Will recommended not doing only ten but to do a larger volume per administrator. He suggested; for example, the Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police be evaluated by ALL full-time faculty, full-time staff, and part-time staff. That position deals with every employee on campus. Input should come from everyone. He also suggested the Dean of Enrollment Management be evaluated by all counseling staff, all deans, and all vice presidents.

Will announced the evaluations should start in October. Will believed they would be coming out of Kris’s office, but Kris believes they should be coming out of Randall’s office. Will and Kris will need to check on who will be sending the evaluations out. This evaluation will be held over a three-year span. Only two people will see the final evaluation which will be the supervisor and the individual being evaluated.
Will also wanted to ensure these evaluations would not be used against someone. They would be used to see the strengths and weaknesses. He also stated that they would not take the place of the normal evaluations.

Report by the (OIESP) Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning from Kris.
Kris gave an update on the Strategic Planning Brainstorming session which was held last Thursday, September 21, 2017. She commented on how well it went and that it was a great interactive activity. She will send a follow-up email for those who could not attend.
Kris announced they have about all of the completed annual reports and the departmental reports should all be on SharePoint for our 5th year accumulation in 2019.

James asked where he could find the Governance Committee Meeting Schedule and any information regarding the meetings. Kris stated there were some issues with the Governance Model. Since there is no longer a committee on committees, she believes these issues should be brought before the Evaluation and Assessment Committee. Tom Sparhawk made some suggestions about the Governance Model. She will be getting with Tom and will be bringing any suggestions to our next meeting.

New Business:
At this time, there was no new business.
Shannon will be creating an agenda for our next meeting which will be held on November 7, 2017.
Gary made the motion the meeting be adjourned and Peter seconded the motion. All were in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Pam Reynolds
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