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Minutes of the Evaluation and Assessment Committee
The meeting was called to order on February 13, 2018 at 1 p.m. in Room 2205.

Members Present:
Mike Alderman, Fazi Arabi, Peter Dorman, Jim Lemons, Shannon McDermott (Chair), Muriel Mickles, Kris Ogden, Jane Pearson, Gary Randolph, Pam Reynolds (Recorder), James Tuite, and Cynthia Wallin

Members Absent:
Susan Anderson, Donna Hobbs, and Kevin Riley
Shannon received an email from Susan stating she had a previous meeting schedule at this same time and would be not able to attend today’s meeting. Kevin was not able to attend due to illness.

Meeting Minutes from the January 9, 2018 meeting:
Shannon asked if anyone had any changes to the meeting minutes from January 9, 2018. Peter made the motion to approve the minutes and James T. seconded the motion. Everyone agreed to the minutes.

Old Business:
Report by the (OIESP) Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning from Kris.
Kris gave an update on all the different activities that were going on in her department. The main activity at this time is the EAB (Education Advisory Board) and the implementation of Navigate. The Navigate Team has established the Data Club. The Data Club met for the first time with Will Sandidge being the presenter. The topic was Course Scheduling. There are six action items to be reviewed. The team will be focusing on two items. The first item will be the structured pathways step. It will involve accurately matching the courses in the pathway to the two-year cycle or the cycle of the specific program. The second item is the way we offer distance learning courses. Muriel and Ed McGee will be reviewing the courses and the policy. The policy was put in place in QEP in 2003. It needs a full review. Gary asked Kris if there were issues with the collaborate courses or the online courses. Muriel believes the collaborate courses will need to be reviewed since the policy was in 2003.

The next Data Club meeting will be held on March 1, 2018 and the topic will be Course Pre-requisites. There seems to be issues. One of the main issues is students may have been blocked from courses due to the catalog, SIS, and the VCCS not matching. Kris stated that Kevin will be looking at the situation. This problem needs to be cleaned up.

Kris also announced we will be completing another “Great Colleges To Work For” survey. It has not been done in two years and it needs to be done again. Dr. Capps will be reaching out to everyone to complete the survey.

New Business:
Shannon asked for any new business.
Peter asked Gary to share with the committee the recent field trip. Gary, Will, and Kris attended the NACEP (National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships) Conference. Gary stated this will help to get our college’s enrollment courses taught in the high schools (by high school teachers) nationally accredited. Muriel announced the VCCS will be adopting the NACEP standards. Gary believes we are very well positioned to go for accreditation. Shannon asked what type of things we need to do and is this something new. The major idea is to monitor in class and online classes and make sure they are consistent with the policies across the board. Gary stated a lot of four-year colleges, midwest community colleges, and northern community colleges were already with the program. He mentioned a lot of southern groups attended this conference which means they are also interested in the idea. Muriel believes we are in good shape due to the fact that the faculty are already doing what needs to be done. Kris stated SACS has the most rigorous accreditation standards and as long as we are compliant with SACS, we are way ahead of the game for NACEP accreditation.

Jim L. announced Campbell County CTE (Career Technical Education) has eight separate programs and over 100 students are being brought here for classes. A lot of the students are interested in collaborate classes. Ed McGee will be doing a demo today on Collaborate. Kris announced the classes that are taught on CVCC’s campus would not be subject to accreditation. Cindy has an understanding that four-year schools will accept the courses if they are being taught at the college. Gary indicated that is our goal. Four-year colleges are looking for dual enrolled students. Jim L. stated that Liberty University has their own dual enrolled courses and associate degrees. Muriel stated that is why we need to strengthen our goal to get our students on the right course.

Fazi asked who pays for the dual enrolled programs. Muriel stated early college dual enrolled students are paid by the parents and high school dual enrolled students are reimbursed some of the money from the college. We are in a partnership with the high schools. The main goal is to help the students get to the finish line. Students can come of high school with 20 credits toward their degree. High school students have to meet the same criteria as the college students.
Peter announced they would be having a Big Read session which involves streamlining essays online instead of trying to read each essay. There will be two rubrics to go by which will be grammar and research. James T. asked if the essays would be only english papers. He also asked if other disciplines could help with assessing the papers. Muriel suggested that would be a great idea to collaborate with other disciplines. Gary also thought it was a good idea to collaborate with other disciplines as long as everyone goes in the same direction.

Shannon will be creating an agenda for our next meeting which will be held on March 27, 2018.
Cindy made the motion the meeting be adjourned and Muriel seconded the motion. All were in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 1:45 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Pam Reynolds
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