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Committee Name: Evaluation and Assessment Committee
Meeting Date: 8/19/2019 12:00:00 AM
Cynthia Deutsch, Collins Friddle, John McCullough, Kris Ogden, Pam Reynolds (Recorder), Kevin Riley (Alt. Recorder), Beth Shelton, Kathy Thomas, James Tuite (Chair), and Ernie Wade.
Jessica Hogan, Jim Lemons, Muriel Mickles, Donna Stone, and Cindy Wallin
Meeting Minutes from the April 2, 2019 meeting: 
Jim Tuite asked if anyone had any changes to the meeting minutes from April 2, 2019. Cynthia Deutsch made the motion to approve the minutes, and Kathy Thomas seconded the motion. All were in favor of the minutes.

Strategic Plan Update (Kris Ogden)
Kris announced she had sent an email of the strategic plan in draft form. The plan was linked in the email. The plan is in Communiqué under Documents. We are in the fifth year of the six-year plan. The strategies are revisited every two years. The goals are remaining the same. She asked for any feedback and questions by the end of the week. Ernie Wade is concerned with the struggling retention. Kris believes students will do better with more advising and working with the Navigators. The new Learning Commons should also help with retention.
Kris introduced to the committee Collins Friddle who is now working with her office and announced he had done a lot of work by the great examples of the disciplines with the plan.
General Education Competencies Update (Kris Ogden)
 Kris announced the General Education Competencies being a collaborate project. CVCC has four competencies and the VCCS has two competencies. She announced the great work from the team of Jessy Hogan and Matt Poteat. We wrote the assessment plan which was due in April and it was accepted May 1. We are in the process of making changes in the new catalog.
NACEP/Dual Enrollment Update and SACSCOC Update (Kris Ogden)
 Kris showed a PowerPoint presentation of the Governance Engagement in the Dual Enrollment Update and SACSCOC Update. The timeline includes the following:
  • August 30, 2019—Materials are submitted
  • September 12, 2019—Reports will be mailed to SACSCOC
  • September 13, 2019—Reports are due and the NACEP will host High School Dual Enrolled Instructors
  • October 21-23, 2019—The committee will host SACSCOC on site that will include the peer group which will focus on Jefferson Forest Early College, E. C. Glass Dual Enrolled, and the Criminal Justice program
Everyone will need to be aware of the SACSCOC visit. She is not sure what information they will be asking for. During their time here, they will be staying at the Virginian Hotel.
The peer group will be making a recommendation to the board in December. The main goal is to get a good report and on-site visit with no follow-up required.
Jim Tuite asked the committee if anyone had any suggestions on new ideas this semester.
Cynthia Deutsch mentioned an issue with the IOTA evaluations for the faculty. She stated the difference in web and face-to-face questions. There were five questions that are unrelated to the class. They are weighted into the average and bringing the scores down. Kris Ogden announced there had been no changes than in the past that she was aware of. Kris asked if someone could send her the questions so she can review them. Beth Shelton suggested new survey questions. Ernie Wade is concerned about the student participation rate. He believes the scores are lower since they are being done electronically instead of on paper. Jim Tuite mentioned he believes it is about 50% participation. Kathy Thomas stated the dual enrolled students would like to do their evaluations online instead of on paper. Jim asked all faculty to look over their evaluations and see what they believe is the percentage of problems with the questions.

Our next meeting will be September 24, 2019. 

Ernie Wade made the motion the meeting be adjourned, and Cynthia Deutsch seconded the motion. All were in favor, and the meeting was adjourned at 1:40 p.m.
Pam Reynolds
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