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Committee Name: Evaluation and Assessment
Meeting Date: 1/19/2021 12:00:00 AM
Cynthia Deutsch
Elizabeth Elam (Chair)
Jason Ferguson
Susan Fitzsimons
Jessica Hogan
John McCullough
Muriel Mickles
Kris Ogden
Pam Reynolds (Recorder)
Kathy Thomas
Ernie Wade
Natalie Prue
Cindy Wallin
Old Business:
The meeting was called to order by Elizabeth Elam.

Meeting Minutes from the October 6, 2020 meeting:

Elizabeth asked if there were any changes to the meeting minutes from October 6, 2020. There were no proposed changes. Ernie Wade made the motion to approve the minutes, and Jessica Hogan seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Navigate Goals and Announcements:

Kris Ogden announced the implementation of a technological support system to track students and their student success initiatives. She attached (in a previous email) a draft form of Institutional Student Success Goals which were revised on November 10, 2020. She stated we were very fortunate to be one of the 23 colleges to get support to create an EAB Navigate Team. We were also awarded a Title III Grant and with this grant and funding from the college we were able to create the team. She invited the team to attend this meeting. The team members who attended the meeting consisted of the following: Evan Abatecola, Michael Farris, Elizabeth Narehood, Kevin Riley, and Patti Saffioti. She announced this phase puts emphases on the usage and effectiveness of progress reports, early alerts, appointment scheduling, etc. She stated Kevin Riley with the IT Department has done a great job with training the faculty through meetings and videos. She also stated Kimberly French, who could not be at today’s meeting, did a great job with supporting the tools within Navigate. Once the reports are generated from this information, it is then shared with the system office. After receiving input from the system office, CVCC is then able to see what needs to be done to make improvements in the support system.

Kris asked Elizabeth Narehood with the team to go over the goals and any improvements that were made. Elizabeth congratulated Kevin Riley and Kimberly French on the great job they have done with the improvements. Originally, the goals were specific early alerts. They have been expanded to include an attendance survey which will help eliminate paper copies. Now that the Learning Commons is online, they have added goals for tutoring. Kevin implemented an enrollment quick poll which gives the student the opportunity for quick feedback. Kimberly implemented the Navigate Planner which helps the student plan future terms. All these improvements should hopefully help with retention.

Kris asked for any questions or input on the goals and improvements. Cynthia Deutsch asked if the second column of the draft was impacted by COVID. Elizabeth stated that the answer would be yes; ever since March the percentages have been lower. Cynthia was concerned about the 8% in #6 which Elizabeth explained that was due to that goal being in the pilot stage at the time they received the information. Elizabeth Elam asked were does the information come from and Elizabeth N. stated it came from a small group of students through Quick Poll. She hopes to have a high percentage when it is in the final stage. Patti commented the reason the percentage was low on #4, was due to the fact the students do not actually make appointments. They contact tutors through emails. After discussions were completed and questions answered, the overall census were good improvements and goals.

Ernie Wade asked when the first progress reports were due. Kevin announced that information was now sent out by Michael Duncan. The reports are due a week before the drop date and three weeks before the withdraw date per semester. Ernie was concerned about not being able to have access to the early alert reports. Muriel stated Kevin and Michael had training with the faculty and Michael stated that faculty will be able to see more information than before. An early alert should be opened and closed within one week. Ernie asked if faculty was able to contact students themselves. Michael stated that would be one of the best ways to contact a student was by faculty. Patti suggested the student could be contacted by email, phone, text messages, etc. Her department will try all different ways to contact students. Muriel suggested that if a student needs to be contacted by week three, the faculty member could reach out to the student. Anything to help the student get connected to the right person.

Elizabeth Narehood wanted to ask faculty members if there could be some confusion as to when to issue alerts. She was concerned it they needed more guidance. Ernie commented he believed a lot of the faculty did not issue alerts until they received the reports from Hunter Overstreet. Jessica stated she had been using Navigate all along so it is not new to her. John stated he had used the older version before Navigate and he is excited about being able to use Navigate this semester. He believes is it easier to use. Muriel commended John on his verbage on the faculty and Navigate being partners. She stated the appreciation she had for the faculty and the new and improved Navigate system.
New Business:

None at this time.

Due to a family situation Elizabeth announced she would not be able to attend the meeting on February 23, 2021. Elizabeth asked the committee if someone could stand in for her as chairperson or just hold the next meeting in March as scheduled. Kris announced she knew of no new business for the February meeting. At that time, the committee agreed on holding the meeting at the next meeting time.

Our next meeting will be April 6, 2021 via Videoconference.

Ernie Wade made the motion to adjourn the meeting, and Muriel Mickles seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved, and the meeting ended at 1:30 p.m.
None at this time.
None at this time.
Pam Reynolds
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