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Committee Name: Evaluation and Assessment
Meeting Date: 8/31/2021 12:00:00 AM
Cynthia Deutsch
Elizabeth Elam (Chair)
Jason Ferguson
Susan Fitzsimons
David McGee
Pam Reynolds (Recorder)
Drew Stafford
James Tuite
Ernie Wade
Cindy Wallin
Wendy Ayers
Kris Ogden
Xavier Retnam
The meeting was called to order by Elizabeth Elam. David McGee made the motion to call the meeting, and Jim Tuite seconded the motion.

This being the first meeting in the new academic year, Elizabeth announced the need to elect a chair for the committee. Due to no volunteers, Cynthia asked Elizabeth if she would consider to continue as role of chair. Elizabeth stated she would continue the role. Jim Tuite made the motion to move, and Cynthia Deutsch seconded the motion and offered her help to Elizabeth on setting up the meetings and agendas.

Elizabeth asked Pam if she would consider staying in the role as recorder, which Pam announced she would continue the role. Cynthia Deutsch made the motion to move and Jim Tuite seconded the motion. The roles of chair and recorder were approved by the committee.

Meeting Minutes from the January 19, 2021 meeting:

Elizabeth asked if there were any changes to the meeting minutes from January 19, 2021. There were no proposed changes. Cynthia Deutsch made the motion to approve the minutes, and David McGee seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.


Cynthia announced there were two positions that would need to be filled. The two positions are a part-time staff representative and a WorkForce representative. She mentioned to Jim of the discussion in the past about having a hard time keeping these positions filled. Jim suggested reaching to the people in charge of those organizations and having them solicit members for the vacate positions. Cynthia stated the email that Natalie Prue had sent out with all the information of the Governance structure. Sarah Jarrett is the person to contact for the part-time staff. It is possible she would have an idea of who to contact for the WorkForce position. Once positions have been filled, Elizabeth can send the information to Cynthia and she will update the committee membership on Communiqué.
New Strategic Plan from Dr. Cynthia Deustch

Cynthia announced one of her main focuses this semester is the creation of the strategic plan that she presented at Convocation. She created a survey and sent the survey out and only received a few replies. That was expected due to starting the new semester. She will be reaching out to the presidents of the different associations and asking for their support. The main goal is that everyone has an opportunity to participate in the planning process. She believes, due to our current situation, the best way is to send out an open-ended survey and ask for feedback. She has received some feedback stating ways in which the goals are written and have made a few edits. The more people that can respond to the survey and give feedback, the better it is going to be. There are not that many questions. It is only five questions and two questions from Lewis Bryant asking feedback on some ideas for spending. The link to the survey will remain open throughout the entire semester and responses will be collected, so any encouragement for completing the surveys will be greatly appreciated. Jim suggested that sending anything out the first week of school may not be the best time to send out the information. He suggested resending it after Labor Day. She agreed with Jim, but stated she wanted to follow up since she had promised during Convocation. Cynthia is hoping to meet with the Faculty Association and Classified Staff Association to see if there are any ideas or suggestions on getting the word out and creating some enthusiasm for participation.

QEP Topic Selection from Dr. Cynthia Deustch

Cynthia stated that we just finished our fifth-year report which she was co-director of the project. Kris submitted the project which was approved and there were no recommendations. We are now turning our attention to our reaffirmation which will be due in 2024. That means we will be submitting the reaffirmation in 2023 which is not that far away. Since we are just over two years from submission, we are at the point where we should be creating a new QEP. The way to do that is to create a committee that is entirely focused on topic selection, which is also a participatory process. She stated we want to see what the data shows and focus on the ideas to create the topic. Since this topic is coinciding with the new strategic plan, there will be some overlap. We are not creating two hugh different projects, but seeing what our needs are to focus on student success. So right now, Cynthia is looking to put out the word and seeing if anyone in interested in working on the topic selection and becoming chair of this project.
None at this time.

Elizabeth asked if it would be possible to have our next meeting in a face-to-face environment. Cynthia stated due to not knowing what the future holds, all governance committee meetings will be virtual which works out better for people’s schedules. Cynthia will work with Elizabeth to set up all meetings for the entire year so everyone could plan their schedule.

Our next meeting will be October 5, 2021 via Videoconference.

Cynthia Deustch made the motion to adjourn the meeting, and David McGee seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved, and the meeting ended at 1:30 p.m.
None at this time.
None at this time
Pam Reynolds
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