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Committee Name: Evaluation and Assessment
Meeting Date: 10/5/2021 12:00:00 AM
Cynthia Deutsch
Elizabeth Elam (Chair)
Susan Fitzsimons
David McGee
Kris Ogden
Pam Reynolds (Recorder)
Cathy Sanders
Drew Stafford
Ernie Wade
Cindy Wallin
Wendy Ayers
Jason Ferguson
Xavier Retnam
James Tuite
The meeting was called to order by Elizabeth Elam. Susan Fitzsimons made the motion to call the meeting, and David McGee seconded the motion.

Meeting Minutes from the August 31, 2021 meeting:
Elizabeth asked if there were any changes to the meeting minutes from August 31, 2021. There were no proposed changes. David McGee made the motion to approve the minutes, and Kris Ogden seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Strategic Plan Updates and Input from Dr. Cynthia Deustch

Cynthia announced she would like to give a brief update about the strategic plan. She stated she had sent out the survey just to get us started following the Convocation presentation. She has received some responses about the planning process. It has been small so far, but that is understandable with everyone’s work schedule. She has received 16 respondents which consists of 8 faculty and 8 others scattered across the college.

She has been sending weekly emails titled the Equity Chronicles. These are small bits of data that come partially from the VCCS which is an equity dashboard that was created for us and partially from internal data that she has been gathering trying to highlight the good things we have been doing here at the college. There have been four sent out so far. The first one focused on completion. The second one focused on access. The third one was on success, but particularly focused on the gateway courses which was hard to take a look at since it was from the equity dashboard. The fourth one was a more general communication about economic disparities in our first time in college student population. It was an educational piece and highlighted the good work we have been doing to help these students.

She stated even though she did not get that many responses on the survey, she has been getting some strong email responses. She has gotten some good suggestions and even some thank yous. She is working on #5. She is thinking it may be on retention. She may look at the CTE enrollment and Stem fields. She would like to see what this committee has for ideas.

Elizabeth asked if she had addressed the national shortage of males in higher education. Cynthia has been reading about that but has not looked at it as far as our student population. Elizabeth wondered if it was a trend we were observing as well. Cynthia stated that would be a good idea.

Elizabeth also suggested looking into how COVID has affected the progress of community college students. Cynthia stated she could look at the success measures over the different years and get some information. Elizabeth asked how changing our delivery since we have been back has made a difference and how students are responding to online learning.

Drew asked if we had any qualitative data. Cynthia stated we only have summary data that the VCCS has collected over the years. He stated that he likes Elizabeth’s idea of gender. He suggested that we could also survey the difference of rural vs. city students.

Cindy Wallin suggested what type of students are opting for CTE vs. transfer. Cynthia has not look at the CTE for the equity question. Cindy stated that finding what they are opting for will help with our marketing. She also suggested to see what population is responding to the G3 programs.

Cynthia thanked everyone for their suggestions. She stated that Wednesday is her workup day so she can send it out on Thursday morning. That way everyone would be able to review it on Thursday and Friday.

Cynthia stated she has been meeting with the Faculty Association and the Classified Staff Association to work on creating the AD HOC committee task force. She has not been able to meet with the Part Time Staff Association and the students. She will be reaching out to Kimberly French for student representation. She has eight individuals who have stepped forward to be part of the taskforce. Ernie has been counted as one of the eight. Ernie Wade and Jessica Coco are two faculty members who have stepped forward to work with the committee. Sarah Jarret will be reaching out to the Part Time Staff Association to help the committee have a part-time representative. Cynthia will be looking for a student representative as well. That will make her have around 10 members. Her next step is coming up with a task force to work on the process of defining how the plan will work. She is working on a first draft of the plan based on the VCCS plan, the input she has received from the college, and Complete 2021. With this information, she will be able to see how the plans will merge together. To sum it up, a lot has happened in the past month. She asked for any more questions or feedback. She appreciates all the emails and feedback she has received. Elizabeth thanked her for all her hard work with this project.

QEP Topic Committee from Dr. Cynthia Deustch

Cynthia stated she does not have a lot to report since we have not really made any progress on the process. She did say there would be overlap of the QEP and the Strategic Plan. There will be a QEP selection topic committee. This committee will examine data as far as what is happening at the college and try to come up with at least three topics. The college will then send input to determine which one is most important. She is in the process of starting this committee. Elizabeth asked was there any reason we could not have the same topic of QEP as the Strategic Plan. Cynthia stated the QEP is a much more focused topic where the Strategic Plan is a broader initiative. Cindy asked if she had a sense of the timeline. Cynthia stated the SACSCOC meeting was in December. That will be our kickoff meeting for the Class of 2024. Hopefully she will have some parts in play before that time.

Ernie Wade asked if we had done away with or restructured Developmental Math and English. Cindy Wallin stated it had not been eliminated. It had just been shifted from a pre-requisite model to a co-requisite model. Ernie asked how that was working. Cindy stated she had gotten feedback from Lana Velez from the Developmental English side which Lana reported was going very well. Lana was very pleased with the results. One reason they believe it is going so well is the embedded tutors in almost every co-requisite course we have. Overall, the success rate will tell the truth. We will know more at the end of the grading session which is at the end of this semester. Elizabeth asked Ernie if he felt like this would be a good topic for the QEP. Ernie stated he believed it may be a good topic for the QEP.

Cynthia thanked everyone for their feedback.
None at this time.

Our next meeting will be November 16, 2021, via Videoconference.

Cindy Wallin made the motion to adjourn the meeting, and Susan Fitzsimons seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved, and the meeting ended at 1:30 p.m.
None at this time.
None at this time.
Pam Reynolds
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