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Committee Name: Evaluation and Assessment
Meeting Date: 2/22/2022 12:00:00 AM
  • Wendy Ayers
  • Cynthia Deutsch
  • Elizabeth Elam (Chair)
  • Jason Ferguson
  • Susan Fitzsimons
  • David McGee
  • Kris Ogden
  • Xavier Retnam
  • Pam Reynolds (Recorder)
  • Cathy Sanders
  • James Tuite
  • Ernie Wade
  • Cindy Wallin
No members were absent.
The meeting was called to order by Elizabeth Elam at 1 p.m.

Meeting Minutes from the November 16, 2021 meeting:

Due to inclement weather and the college being closed, the January 18 meeting was cancelled. Elizabeth asked if there were any changes to the meeting minutes from November 16, 2021. There were no proposed changes. Cynthia Deutsch made the motion to approve the minutes, and Jim Tuite seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Strategic Plan Updates and Input from Dr. Cynthia Deutsch

Cynthia announced she was bringing the strategic plan formally to the committee for approval and recommendation so we could move it forward to the Governance Committee and Cabinet. She stated Elizabeth had sent the committee the final draft version and there were no significant changes. She is still working on the baseline measures for the plan for Jason and Cindy. She has them almost completed and she will be sending them out to the department managers soon. She is now looking to this committee for motion to approve the Opportunity 2027 for Central Virginia Community College. If the committee approves the plan, Elizabeth will write up the form for the next Governance Council meeting so they would have the opportunity to review it and send it to Cabinet for their approval. Elizabeth approved the plan, and Xavier seconded the approval. The committee voted in favor of the plan.

SACSCOC Reaffirmation from Dr. Cynthia Deutsch

Cynthia stated she announced in the President’s Cabinet meeting there would be an official kickoff party on Thursday afternoon. Everyone who would be writing to the standards and participating in the process will be invited. She will be presenting several items she has created. She has created a teams site for everyone which will include SACSCOC resources. She has created a very thorough crosswalk for standards with easy reference for both fifth year and previous reaffirmations.

Cynthia stated she was building the Compliance Assist site which is the organizational structure. Assignments have been created for who will be writing to which standard and she will be presenting this along with a calendar and a general discussion of how the progress is going at the party on Thursday.  They can discuss whether they meet as a general committee on a regular basis or smaller groups and then a larger group on a more spread-out timeframe. Overall, the organizational structure will be ready by Thursday.

Cynthia stated the reaffirmation schedule and compliance certification will be due no later than March 1, so she is aiming for full completion of standards sometime in February. A lot of the standards will need to be completed by the end of summer or December. This depends on the standard and what type of documentation it needs.
Cynthia announced the offsite review would be April 25 – 28 and the on-site visit would be sometime in the fall of 2023. She has requested a later date so hopefully sometime in October.

QEP Topic Committee from Dr. Cynthia Deustch

Cynthia stated she had presented to the local board and the President’s cabinet the topic exploration of the QEP. We are still in the process of deciding on a topic by reaching out to the college community and researching institutional data. One topic of interest is focusing on Gateway Math Success. In the equity chronicles sent out, it showed the lack of student success in the Gateway Math courses. Elizabeth Narehood and Cindy Wallin have done a great job collecting data from the Title III grant.

Elizabeth mentioned if we adopt this topic since not everyone teaches math, what would the faculty do that do not teach math. Cynthia stated it would be the same as the last QEP which was Developmental English. We are looking for a topic that would have broad impact from a student success standpoint and Cynthia indicated by the number of students taking math this may be a good topic.

Ernie asked what Gateway Math entails and Cynthia stated it was all the college-level math courses, such as MTH 154, 155, and 161, which would be Algebra, Statistics, etc. There are no developmental math courses in Gateway Math. Ernie stated he used math in his economics classes. Cynthia believes math can be used in Psychology, Sociology, Engineering, STEM classes, etc. Ernie thinks the problem may be that students have an anxiety about taking math. Cindy W. stated that the gateway math classes are quantitative reasoning, data analysis, and statistical which are basic to so many social sciences. She likes to think of math as a skill. She is concerned that the students are waiting until the last semester to take math which defeats the purpose of being successful in their other classes.

Cynthia stated we would continue with the exploration and identification of the topic and hopefully have more to report on at the next meeting.

Current Grade Faculty Reporting Requirement Policy by James Tuite

Jim announced the issue of the current grade reporting requirement. This topic has been brought up at the Faculty Association meeting, but he felt this committee should discuss the policy change since any policy changes are approved by the committee.

There seems to be a problem with grades being posted on Canvas in a timely manner. Students should be able to see where they stand in the course before withdrawal date or final exam. At this time there is no requirement for posting grades sooner than later.
Jim asked for input from the committee.

Elizabeth stated that it was hard to believe that faculty were not recording grades where students could know where they stand in the class. It is only fair to students. She is all in favor of having grades posted in a timely manner.

Cindy stated that she believed students deserve to know their grades throughout the course. She used her bank account as an example. She checks her bank balance regularly. She should not have to guess how much money is in her account, just like the students should not have to guess their grades.

Jason stated that maybe the issues are coming from his division. A lot of the courses in the division are skills which are like pass/fail. The instructors work more with the students on a one-to-one basis. The instructor and the student know whether they can do the job or not. Jason stated they have tried to work with the instructors in those areas to be more transparent. Jim suggested the faculty could use a satisfactory/non satisfactory grade throughout the semester. They would help them become more formalized.

Susan stated as far as posting the grades for her courses, there was no official posting since the clinical component does not have a canvas site in order to post the grades. She also works with each student to let them know their grades.

Jim asked for Kris’s input. Kris announced that she agreed with Elizabeth. All instructors should be posting their grades. She hopes to work more with the program coordinators and the program heads. Just like giving students the syllabi, course outline, course expectations, etc., grades are among good teaching expectations. Program heads and coordinators have responsibilities. It would be common practice to give feedback to the students. Jim asked how we approach a situation where a faculty member refuses to do it if it is not a policy. It is having an impact on student success and student morale. Kris stated if it was in his discipline, it would be up to Cindy to address the problem.

Ernie asked if there were faculty such as adjunct faculty that did not use Canvas. He mentioned that was a problem a few years ago when BlackBoard was being used and he wondered if that could be the problem. Kris asked if it was online or face to face classes. Ernie stated face to face classes. Jim stated that this was not only an adjunct issue. Ernie believes that you need to get everyone on board before this situation can be resolved.
Jim suggested that Jason, Cindy, and Kris talk about this because it is having an adverse set back on our students. Kris asked Jim if he could find some examples where this was a policy and this was happening at other institutions. Elizabeth stated that it is happening on other colleges throughout the state.

After a lengthy discussion, no decision was made as to making posting grades a requirement and policy. Jim will go back to the Faculty Association and see what suggestions they have about making it a policy. He suggested more discussion of the situation at our next meeting.
None at this time.

Our next meeting will be April 5, 2022, via Videoconference.

Cindy Wallin made the motion to adjourn the meeting, and Susan Fitzsimons seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved, and the meeting ended at 1:45 p.m.
None at this time.
None at this time.
Pam Reynolds
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