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Faculty Association:  
Meeting Date:            03/26/2013

Agenda Items:

I.    Approval of minutes from 2/12/13



II.   New Business

A.   QEP Progress, Cindy Wallin & Lana Velez

1.   Introduction

Last year, Rebecca Honeycutt & Cynthia Lofaso began the QEP program, with a survey of the faculty.  The result was that most faculty members desired more services through the student success center.  Cindy Wallin and Lana Velez have taken over the QEP program.  They attended a SACS convention in Dallas in December to learn what was required of the college.  One of the most important conclusions they took from the conference was that more institutional data was required of the program at CVCC.  The goal is to analyze requests from faculty and students with data, in order to establish the effectiveness of potential programs.


2.   Data Collection

a.   For the past year, SACS assessment has prioritized data collection for SACS over QEP.  The QEP committee has analyzed Virginia placement test results for math and English for readiness for credit courses.  They have also analyzed success rates for high volume courses, seeking courses with low success rates.  Over 30 courses have been identified by the General Education Task Force. 

b.   The QEP committee has also begun assessing what is happening in the Student Success Center (SSC), including more tutors, more hours available, and Smarthinking.  In addition, the committee will begin analyzing who is going to the SSC, who is not going, who is being helped, and what is offered to the students.  At this time, there is not enough data or analysis of the data.


3.   Goals

a.   The QEP committee plans to create a well-defined focus for the QEP and a target group to track for the next 5 years.  The committee will be devising assessments as well as measurable outcomes for the CVCC QEP program.

b.   Specific goals include the following:

More record keeping for students who enter

Matching tutor offerings with tutor needs

Tutor training and national certification of tutors

Peer tutor program

A budget

A website with helpful links (e.g. Kahn Academy, tutorials, etc)

Research how other colleges have managed learning resource centers, writing labs, and math labs.  

c.    The pilot program begins in Fall 2014.  QEP will be focus of convocation 2013, to include new committees for faculty and student engagement in the QEP program.  However, all is on hold until SACS probation is lifted. 


*A suggestion was made for a mandatory mechanism in which at risk students must meet minimum number of hours with faculty member. 


B.   Request for candidates to run for office next year:  Please email David McGee if you are willing to serve.​

1.   Secretary


2.   Division representatives: BAH, SME, HSS & Counseling


C.   VCCS 29, Academic Affairs – CFAC, Peter Dorman

Currently there is a revision of VCCS faculty promotion policy.  This includes a distinction between hours for post Masters Degree, in addition to the definition of what is aTerminal Degree for full professorship (PhD for most fields, MFA for some). 

In the course of assessing correct ranking of faculty at CVCC this past year, it was noted that some are under-ranked.  In the past faculty have been responsible for determining eligibility for promotions.  This has been re-assigned to academic deans.


III. Old Business

A.   E2IT committee, Jim Bell & Cindy Wallin

1.   Training Opportunities

      Currently, there are two opportunities for training:  iPad and Lecture Capture.  If faculty do not take advantage of these opportunities and if there is no response to the pilot, then there will be not further programs.  Please contact Susan Beasley.  Training begins next week for Lecture Capture, Thursday (3/28) for iPad training.  $25 iTunes gift card will be offered as an enticement, for faculty to add apps.  The goal is to incorporate use of iPads into classroom instruction.

2.   Electronic devices in the classroom

            BYOD policy – the last item was safety and security of faculty and students, which is in conflict with the goal of faculty to remove the possible distractions of cell phones, etc from the classroom.  It is not clear at this time if faculty may legally require students to turn off devices when text alerts are the only mechanism for informing campus of impending danger.  The entire policy has been tabled until alert system has been resolved by Safety Security committee


B.   New Faculty Evaluation, Peter Dorman

Employee recognition committee is drafting a new policy for rewards and recognition. 


C.     Security training for faculty, Lana Velez

There is a safety training video that is being made.  The focus will be general safety and campus wide safety awareness training.  It will likely be similar to a video that is currently shown at VWCC. 


D.   Culture, Diversity and International Education, Rick Tyler

1.   International Day is scheduled for 4/12/13.  There is only one entry at this time.   Rick Tyler implored that faculty announce the upcoming event and encourage students to participate and contribute with displays for the event.

2.   Trip to Staunton – The Country Wife

The play is a fun comedy.  Rick Tyler has 45 tickets, $10, Sunday 4/7/13.  The tickets are for CVCC students, faculty, staff and anyone else and include a bus ride from CVCC to Staunton.


Recommendations to the College Governance Committee:  none

Submitted by Jessy Hogan 

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