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Faculty Association:  
Meeting Date:            11/5/2013
Agenda Items:
I.          Approval of minutes 8/20 & 9/24
There was unanimous approval for the previous meetings’ minutes.
II.         Academic Calendar 2014-2015 vote
The academic calendar for 2014-2015 was presented to the faculty for discussion.
A.  Fall 2014
Classes begin Wednesday 8/20/14.  A concern was voiced that it was desirable to have more than two days for convocation and preparation.  Thus, it is possible for classes to begin on Thursday or even the following Monday.  It is important that grades be made available to students in a reasonable time at the end of the semester; according to the current schedule, grades are available on 12/23/14. 
B.  Spring 2015
Faculty report day is scheduled Friday, 1/2/15, while classes begin on Monday, 1/12/15.  A question was raised if a faculty report day for the 2nd of January was mandated somewhere in a policy.  There is a policy that specifies a number of days faculty are required to be present on campus.  Because CVCC faculty contracts end on May 15, it may be that January 2 is a required date.
An important note: there is a deadline for the Student Catalog of December 13, 2013.  This issue needs to be resolved soon. 
Peter Dorman will make an inquiry about both calendars.
III.       Final exam schedule – vote outcome
The final vote for the Fall 2013 Final Exam Schedule was to implement the revised calendar in the spring of 2014, not fall of 2013. 
A concern was raised about the Wednesday night open time.  Currently, the Wednesday night classes have a Friday night slot, while there are no exams scheduled for Wednesday evening.  Wednesday night instructors are requesting a Wednesday night exam.
Evidently the open time slot on Wednesday was created to accommodate classes that do not fit into the traditional schedule.  However, someone stated that the office that creates the final exam calendar simply flipped the Friday and Wednesday schedules from last year.
Peter Dorman will investigate to determine if the Friday night exams can be switch to Wednesday or if faculty who teach Wednesday night can choose Wednesday or Friday night.
IV.  Tuition refund policy
At a previous Faculty Association meeting the unfairness of the current tuition refund policy was discussed.  The policy states that students who pay but do not show up will be dropped and will not receive a refund.  The rationale was that a student who paid for a seat has taken an opportunity from another student.  The students who couldn’t enroll are lost opportunities for revenue and success at the college.  CVCC was the last college in system to refund for administratively dropped students.  The consequence for financial aid recipients is reduced aid in the future.  For students who pay either with money or with student loans, the consequence is lost money.  The policy may be rather punitive for first time students who have no experience.  Failure to receive a refund is a hardship that may discourage them from attempting to attend college in the future.  Some schools offer prorated refunds for drops.
Vote: retain policy or refunds for administratively dropped students
12 in favor of retaining policy (no refund)
9 in favor of changing (refund)
V.         Review of faculty hiring process
Lorna Nelson & Michelle Penner formed an ad hoc committee to review the faculty hiring process as listed in the employee manual.  They have no recommendations for change. 
A vote by the faculty association approved the process as it was written.
VI.        Adjunct hiring process
The current policy does no include input by program and department heads in decision-making process, yet this responsibility is listed in the descriptions of duties for program and department heads.  In order to revise the current policy, there needs to be a subcommittee, to comprise Tim Rhoads and Julie Dailey.  They will develop a policy and present at the next meeting for consideration by the faculty association. 
On an unrelated note: it was mentioned that the descriptions for department coordinator duties have been described in the manual, but they do not exist in the Human Resources office.  Peter Dorman will investigate this.
VII. CFAC meeting update
According to the rewards portion of faculty evaluation plan, 10% of faculty should receive rewards for exemplary work.  $3,000 has been allocated for this purpose, which will need to be distributed to 6 members of the faculty annually.  There are two ways to distribute the money.  One, is to equally divide the $3,000 among the 6 ($500 each) or to create two awards for really exceptional work for $1,000 each, with 4 smaller awards to acknowledge valued contributions for $250 each. 
A vote was taken with 10 in favor of the unequal distribution and 5 in favor of the equal distribution. 
VIII. David Lightfoot
David Lightfoot asked the faculty to come to him and inform him about problems if faculty are not getting answers or solutions through the help desk or other channels.  It was suggested that a special session could be scheduled during convocation for faculty to discuss IT issues with David Lightfoot.  There is some confusion about which services are offered by the IT department and which are offered by the Distance Education department.  Peter Dorman will communicate with both offices to facilitate and help organize a list, so that faculty will be able to take their concerns more efficiently to the correct office. 
Recommendations to the College Governance Committee:
1)  Suggested special session during convocation for faculty to address IT concerns with David Lightfoot.
2)  Approval of the faculty hiring policy (SACSCOC compliance committee)
Submitted by Jessy Hogan 
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