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Faculty Association Meeting Notes- 11/4/14
  • A vote was taken to send Jim Atkinson’s survey about syllabi guidelines to faculty and was carried.
  • Tom Sparhawk spoke about the Learning Environment Awards.  He brought up the idea of sending out a survey to faculty and having them return it to the committee as a way of determining who should receive the awards.  He also pointed out that the awards are analogous to the Cougar Awards.
  • There was a favorable discussion about a weekly/bi-weekly brown bag event where faculty would get together and chat, catch up and get to know what folks in other departments and areas are doing.
  • There was a lengthy discussion about adopting VWCC’s relationship policy.  While faculty agrees on the amorous relationship clause pertaining to romantic involvement with students, there was considerable concern over the familial relations portion of the policy.  Several faculty made it clear that it was offensive to their professional sensibility and that perhaps a better and more reasonable way to approach this is to reword the policy to reflect “conflict of interest”.  Peter will take this feedback with him to CFAC.
  • Early retirement option- the possibility of an early retirement option wherein faculty of sixty and over who have at least ten years of VCCS service could take partial retirement ( a reduced work load along with a reduction in pay/benefits) for up to three years before leaving altogether.
  • Tom wanted to know if the bounced check fee for students can be rescinded.
  • No movement has yet been made on faculty advising.
  • The Student Success Committee has created as a goal a transfer information page for student as well as faculty use.
  • Jesse Hogan made a motion to speak to Buildings and Grounds concerning the lack of synchronicity between campus clocks.  A motion was made and carried.
  • Michelle Penner brought up the trip to Roanoke on Friday.  At a cost of five dollars to students, there is a great opportunity to learn about things across the curriculum.  They will be leaving campus at 9 A.M. Friday.
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