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Faculty Association Meeting Minutes- 01/06/15
APDOs- Concern was expressed that although there are supposed to be clearly outlined ideas of what is supposed to be done and when it is due, there seems to be some misunderstanding of the timelines, etc. by some of the division deans.  It was stated that it should be assumed that faculty are meeting expectations unless there is documented evidence that states otherwise.
Syllabi - At the end of the fall the faculty association voted to support an order to the syllabus.  Peter suggested doing this either on a departmental or division level rather than adopting a campus wide standard.
IT- Many faculty members present expressed concern about the response they have gotten from IT, particularly in terms of classroom computer issues.  It was decided that as a faculty association we need to draft a procedure for what to do in an IT emergency (classroom situation) as well as to request administrative rights. Faculty should submit proposals to Peter so that they can be taken to the President’s Cabinet meeting.  Further,  Peter will be the contact person to catalogue specific instances of issues relating to IT; if you have problems with IT response to classroom issues, email them to Peter.
Brown Bag  Tom will be sending out requests for ideas on the brown bag initiative.  The first gathering will be 21st.  These gatherings will serve as an opportunity for faculty across campus to get together and get acquainted so that the campus community will grow a little closer. 
Students/Financial Aid - Julie brought up the concern of students hanging in classes until after the drop date in order to obtain a financial aid check and then disappearing.  It was stated that the faculty association should ask if financial aid is policing this.
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