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Faculty Association Meeting Minutes- 2/10/15
 Prerequisite grades- there is a new prerequisite adoption policy that came into effect about a year ago but it isn’t being enforced.  Questions were raised about HSS and extending this policy to HSS (it is already in effect for SME).  The official college policy is that a student must receive a grade of D or better to move on in a sequential course; the problem is that students are registering before they get final grades from the first semester. Admins./records has stated that it is faculty’s responsibility to filter through these things.
 APDOs- there is a workgroup now in CFAC to deal with due dates of APDOs as well as deans’ handling of them.
 Raise- there is a two percent raise forthcoming for state employees according to Virginia state legislature. 
 President’s Staff Meeting- the new governance model seems to be working well.
 E-texts- Ellen, a Cingage representative, has a deal wherein an e-text textbook can be bought and printed very cheap for students.
 On February second the culture committee is hosting two presentations of “Duke Ellington Uptown.”
 The next faculty brownbag is February 18th.
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