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Faculty Association Meeting Minutes- March 2015
-This is the last meeting for the faculty association until August.
-          Faculty evaluation process- although the deans at CVCC are doing well with the faculty evaluation process some colleges in the VCCS are still fraught with problems.
-          Some discussion was had about overload pay and whether it would be better for faculty to keep it spread over two checks (March and May in the spring) or to put it all into one lump sum.  Faculty consensus was to stay with two payments.
-          The annual retiree luncheon is going to be combined with the spring luncheon to defer cost; a dollar amount will be allocated to each division to hold local celebrations for retirees.
-          I.D. cards- the replacement fee for a lost faculty identification card has been reduced from $25 to $10.  Replacing a damaged card remains free.
-          There was a brief discussion with good feedback on the new governance model.
-          It is now time to nominate faculty for the big annual awards given at graduation.  Do be aware that nominees must provide documentation to prove their eligibility.
-          Concern was expressed over the lack of participation in the faculty association meetings.  Wishes were expressed that the faculty association have more power in terms of the workings of the college.
-          Tom Sparhawk did a great job getting the Brown Bag program off the ground this year!
-          Peter Dorman will speak with Russell Dove about the parking situation in regards to students parking in faculty parking lots.
-          Two additional crosswalks for students will be requested.
-          Mark will now be the counseling representative on the executive council. The division representatives are as follows:  Cynthia Lofaso for HSS, Bob Moden for BAH, and Shannon McDermott for SME
-          Jessie Hogan brought up the fact that there is now a “Friends of Harvard on the Hill” KIVA page.  KIVA pages allow people to give micro-loans around the world for various reasons, many of them very worthwhile and some have indeed been life changing.  The link to this page is below.
-          The officers of the faculty association for next year are as follows:
                         President- Tom Sparhawk
                          Vice President- Peter Doorman
                         Secretary- Matt Latimer
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