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Faculty Association Meeting Minutes
August 2015
  • The office of vice president of the Faculty Association is vacant and needs to be filled.  If you are interested in filling the position, please contact Tom Sparhawk, the current president.
  • Volunteers are needed to fill the office of vice president of CFAC, a substantial policy making association for Virginia’s community colleges.  For a better understanding of what CFAC is and what responsibilities come with the position, you are encouraged to speak to Peter Doorman.
  • Some concern was expressed at the meeting about the first-person voice used in SAILS alerts.  Jessica Hogan suggested that we reach out to Hunter about this and others agreed.  The faculty association will be looking into it.
  • Tom Sparhawk expressed concern about the Faculty Association constitution and the long term served by the president. He suggested a constitution change that would have all terms for al offices be one year. An email will be sent with the current constitution and the proposed change so it can be voted on at the next Faculty Association meeting.
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