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Faculty Association Meeting Minutes- September 2015
  • John Poole came to the meeting to discuss various concerns that had been expressed by faculty about book orders this semester.  John let everyone know that we made our switch from Barnes & Noble in June, that there was no actual manager at the time, that training didn’t follow the normal procedure and that the current manager previously had experience with a private two year college where financial aid wasn’t such an issue as it is here at CVCC.  Faculty at the meeting expressed concern about inconsistencies and apathy.  John asks that any concerns be directed to him.
  • Nancy Mitchell came to discuss the new HAVEN program for sexual assault which went live on September 25th and is now available for all students.  This program has been put in place to fulfill a mandate set forth by the federal government, so we need to encourage student participation to the fullest extent possible.  The program has two parts consisting of surveys and footage; topics discussed are sexual assault/harassment, stalking, etc. This program supplements SART training.  If you wish to encourage students to participate with incentives, please contact Nancy Mitchell.
  • Tim Rhoades, on behalf of the Student Success Committee, proposed the building of a website where professors could post syllabi and other pertinent information about their courses so that motivated students could get ahead on their courses.  This would be a SharePoint site and participation would be mandated.  Tom will contact Tim about a formal proposal.
  • Concern was expressed about SAILS and the “I” statements that are emailed to students in what seems to be the first person voice of the professor, as well as the timing of the reports.  A committee has been formed to address these concerns; the members are Jessi Hogan, Matt Latimer and Tom Sparhawk.
  • Committee Comments- David McGee suggests that each committee secretary send out a report each month.
  • Learning Environment Awards- encourage students to recommend faculty members.
  • Concern was expressed and the idea that further discussion needs to be had concerning the Associate Instructor issue.
  • Faculty Association Constitutional Amendment-   An amendment was put forth to change the term of Faculty Association President from 2 years to 1 year and the Vice-president to be changed to “president-elect”.  The motion passed.
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