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Faculty Association Meeting Minutes- January 2016
    -   Brown bag presentations- they fell apart last semester, but we would like to try to get it back together this semester. Volunteers are needed.
-   There is discussion of finding an alternative location for graduation instead of Liberty University.
-   SAILS statements have been modified and Muriel will set up a meeting in regards to this issue soon.  There will be a SAILS meeting Tuesday, January 5 during convocation.
-   David McGee brought up the point that the professional development committee is supposed to have a voice in convocation.
-   Committee reports- please participate in the committees you belong to.  The facilities committee is involved in a recycling program.  “Best colleges” committees are busy, and many ideas have been put forth as a result of the effort, including offering a free class for family members of faculty, etc. Maybe have a brown bag session to see what committees are doing. 
-   Learning Environment Awards- ideas need to be had for appropriate keepsakes for faculty excellence awards as well as learning environment awards. 
-   Outstanding Faculty Award- We need to get the word out to students to nominate faculty.
-   Some discussion was had on how credits work for team taught courses- Peter and Gary got 1 ½ credit hours a piece.
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