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Faculty Association Meeting Minutes- March 2016
Present:  Matt Latimer          Tom Sparhawk       Gary Randolph       Ernie Wade       David McGee   
                 Jessica Hogan         Evan Abatecola      Cynthia Lofaso        Juville Dario-Becker   John McCullough 
                 Mark Zoccola           Tim Rhoades
-          Evan Abatecola informed the faculty association that there is a new feature in PeopleSoft that will allow you to look at your class roster and see if students meet the prerequisites for the class.  Anyone who wishes to have access may be granted access.  There were many questions about who can approve overrides of pre-requisites and Tom will be speaking to Mike Farris about who will oversee this.
-          OER Grant- Using a grant, the committee created 13 OER courses.  There is the potential for a bigger grant if this is successful for Business and General Studies.  The VCCS wants to partner with CVCC to obtain the grant; if this is a success, we will be offering more OER courses.  The faculty association voted in favor of officially supporting the OER.
-          The professional development committee has come up with a proposal (which has not been approved yet) to all faculty to be on a three year track with funds or to request funds every three years.
-          A motion was made, seconded, and passed that for the Annual Service Awards- We will now only be able to receive faculty service awards every three years.
-          A motion was made, seconded, and passed that College Committee participation (if possible) be a required component for major awards- you must be an active part of a committee to qualify for these awards.
-          There is a proposal to have a professional development person come in during the second part of fall break- faculty feels it would be better to place this opportunity within convocation.  The question was raised about whether the funding for this speaker will come out of existing professional development funds. 
-          Governance Committee meeting change:
a)      Committee meetings that are cancelled will take place the Thursday following the cancelled meeting or at some other time within a week of the original meeting with a three day notice.
b)      Schedule meeting rooms for committees so they are available on both the Tuesday and Thursday of each week.
c)       These rooms would be available for the committee to meet if all agenda items are not covered or additional discussion is needed.
-          Nominations are open for vice president and secretary of the faculty association as well as Division and counselor representatives. 
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