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Faculty Association Meeting Minutes - April 21, 2015

Present: Tim Rhoades, Tom Sparhawk, Gary Randolph, Cheryl Cunningham, Jessica Hogan, Rick Tyler, Donna Hobbs, Juville Dario-Becker, Ernie Wade, David McGee, Alison Moore, Shannon, Matt Latimer
New Officers for 2016-2017:

   President - Cheryl Cunningham
   Vice President - Alison Moore
   Secretary - Matt Latimer
   BAH Representative - Paul Forest
   SME Representative - Tim Rhoades
   HSS Representative - Cynthia Lofaso
   Counselor Representative - Marc Zacola

-   The issues of blocks on enrollment for classes with prerequisities has been taken care of by Mike Farris
-   A professional development day is being organized for fall convocation with Steve Smith.  It will be a one-day faculty seminar, with breakfast and lunch provided and then dinner out.  This opportunity will be limited to 24 people, so the first 24 to sign up will be the ones to attend.  The day will be August 18th.
-   David McGee- The professional development committee has been for six years concerning itself only with how ot allocate funds.  President Capps wishes to revamp this to include more collaborative sessions, new faculty mentoring, ect.  The faculty association voted to accept option two of the funding proposal model, which stipulates that faculty can choose to receive a larger amount once every three years and will be placed in one of theree groups: year 1, year 2, or year 3.
-   Outstanding Faculty Award - the question was put to faculty association of whether we should redo the procedure for nominations.  One suggestion was that we guide the students more in their responses.  Also, the issue of inadequate information in nominatons was addressed and the VP suggests that nominated people submit portfolios in support of their nominatin.
-   Rewards and recognitions- A survey with the following six questions is needed:
  1.    how ell all aspects of the program are understood by the faculty
  2.    how well procedural requirements and deadlines are communicated
  3.    how effectively the program is administered
  4.    how extensively and equitably rewards and recognition are distributed
  5.    how effectively the program encourages faculty to exceed perfromance expectations and to strive for professional execellence
  6.    how effectively the program supports the mission of the college

-   The date of the retirement party is May 3rd, which is a major issue for many faculty wishing to attend because of exams.  Faculty will address this next year.

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