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Faculty Association Meeting Minutes
August 16, 2016
Roll: James Tuite, Rick Tyler, Ernie Wade, Lorenze Chan, Tom Sparhawk, Joe Penrod, Alison Moore, Cheryl Cunningham, Matt Latimer, Linda Mallory, Jim Bell, Paul Forrest, Shannon McDermott, Jessie Hogan, Gary Randolph, John McCullough, Michelle Penner, David McGee, Cynthia Lofaso, Juville Dario-Becker, Professor Fredele, Mike Farris, Muriel Mickles, Tim Wilhelm.
  • Muriel Mickles - check out Kris's section on "Guided Pathways." Also check out the suicide prevention session.
  • Mike Farris - There is no late registration anymore, we are beginning the "Smart Start" initiative this semester per the presiden'ts wishes.  We know that students that start late don't do well.  Students can swap session before the first meeting, and there are six fourteen week classes being offered by SME and HSS.
  • Outstanding Faculty nomination process- the problem is that student's don't know enough about what their professors actually do to nominate them competently.  After some discussion, a motion was carried that each faculty memeber would sign a waiver included in the APPDO that allows their dean to release information to the committee about what they have been doing. 
  • Faculty Awards/Recognition - A motion was carried to have a secretary and treasurer as opposed to one seat, and Tom Sparhawks is now the treasurer.
  • Summer Schedule - David McGee brought up some major scheduling issues for summer semester which will be discussed at the next meeting.
  • Jessie Hogan proposed that early college faculty get the same vacation days as faculty teaching regular classes.
  • There will be a professional development taskforce formed and they will be looking for faculty volunteers.
  • There will be more brown bag sessions this year.
  • The next meeting is October 2, 2016.
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