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September 2016  Faculty Association Meeting

Agenda items and associated discussion:

II. CVCC's first First Friday: Francie Dye introduces incorp9orating CVCC into Downtown Lynchburg's First Friday festivities. CVCC employees (and spouses, children, invited guests) can meet at Riverviews Artspace (second Floor), check in to collect a CVCC 50th anniversary pin, enjoy snacks and beverages (beverages are not free), socialize, and then enjoy the rest of First Friday festivities. More information about this will be disseminated shortly to all of CVCC. Various CVCC committees (including part-time staff association) are funding this, and if we decide to continue doing it, maybe we could rotate which association funds it.

III. Update on Scheduling Concerns:  Alison and Cheryl have scheduled a meeting with Muriel for today to discuss concerns regarding the mismatch between some high school schedules and CVCC's. Michael Fariss was supposed to be at the meeting to offer input here, but he wasn't there, so we tabled it for now.

IV. Things to Possibly Bring to Student Success Committee

Publishing syllabi" Original concern brought by Tim Rhoads last year was the students want to know what books are going to the required in advance, and we should have a way to provide them with that information. He originally suggested posting syllabi early, but when he first brought this up last year, many dissenting voices voted him down. Since then, Tom has suggested we post last year's syllabus on a page with a large disclaimer that students cannot assume that the information (including textbook info) will bet the same. Concerns were brought that students would ignore/not understand the disclaimer, and we should instead post the syllabus with the textbook information omitted - or with a link to the bookstore's website instead. Since this does not address Tim's original from last year, additional discussion revolved around whether we therefore needed anything to be posted at all. A vote was held to send the suggestion to form a syllabus archive (we would decide on what gets posted on it later - full syllabus or one with textbook info removed) to the Student Success Committee. Vote passed, but due to additional back-and-forth discussion regarding the full syllabus vs the syllabus with textbook info omitted, the issue was tabled.

Children at College Policy: Tom suggests that we amend the current policy (which states no children should be on campus without express permission from supervisor) to allow faculty to give permission for students to bring their children to class, in case of a child-care emergency, as long as the children are well-behaved. Discussion revolved around whether having children in the room would be a distraction to the students (parent and others), but that as long as faculty can make that decision, it's ok. Other schools have a "child-minding" room - which is different form a daycare (different requirements), but is a child-friendly room where older children can stay for a fee.

V. Outstanding Faculty Award / LEA changes:  Irene suggested some wording changes to the document. Vote was called to bring revisions to the Governance Council and vote passed.

VI. Brown Bag Schedule for Fall: Several Brown Bag seminars are scheduled, but Tom is always taking ideas for more. Next Monday's is a panel type discussion of "what faculty have done that has worked for them." Could be relevant to anything other professors face. Brown Bag seminars are held on a Monday/Thursday alternating schedule.

VII.  Informational: Recycling on campus: paper gets recycled, but both plastic and metal actually just get dumped in the trash. Tom suggests a bunch of us go to the President's Council to get their attention on the matter.

VII.  New Business: Lorna plugged the film offered by the Cultural Diversity et al. committee.  She also is getting involved in making learning resources more accessible to students - anyone who is interested in  this should get in touch with her. Irene discussed her efforts (with others) to enhance our professional development opportunities.  She (and others) are conducting a survey of what faculty want/need in terms of professional development. Suggestions included partnering with the Regional Centers for Teaching Excellence, and more things like the Great Teacher Seminar that Alison held during Convocation. Faculty should bring additional suggestions to Irene, David McGee, Charles Poff, or anyone on the Professional Development Committee.
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