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Faculty Association Meeting Minutes- January 3, 2017

Present:  All officers present. Cynthia Lofaso, Tim Rhodes, Jessica Hogan, Rick Tyler, Donna Hobbs, Ernie Wade, Jana Fidel, David McGee, Lorna Nelson, Irene Wheeler, Paul Morrison, Mike Farris, Tom Sparhawk, Shannon McDermott, Juville Dario-Becker, Charles Poff.

  • There are a few folks who have retired in December and will need to be replaced on the committees they served.  We will send around an email seeking to fill those spots.
  • Learning Environment Awards- twenty of these awards can be given per year, but so far only four people have been nominated, so we need to get participation up in terms of nominations for these awards.
  • In February, nominations will open for one month for nomination for the Outstanding Faculty Award.
  • American Association of University Women:  Lorna handed out information to the women in the room and suggests institutional membership for CVCC.  She wants folks to go online, check out the site and perhaps lobby the administration.  She offered to pay for the first year’s membership.
  • The Question arose as to whether CVCC should have a mission statement that included these things:
    1. Inclusion and rejection of hate speech.
    2. Teaching reason-based thinking, facts.
    Contact Lorna. She will put a statement together for the next meeting.
  • Professional development information- There will be the opportunity for faculty to comment or make suggestions on the new document drafted by the committee.  The new policy will take effect during fall 2017.
  • Jessica Hogan brought up the fact that early college faculty who work on an off-site campus don’t get spring break, etc.  Dr. Mickles is working on a solution.
  • More brown bag sessions are to be put together for spring semester.  Tom would like to have three before spring break.
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