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Faculty Association Meeting Minutes- 2/7/17

Roll:  Matt Latimer, Cheryl Cunningham, Tom Sparhawk, Allison Moore, James Tuite, Jessica Hogan, Ernie Wade, Juville Dario-Becker, David McGee, Debbie Harris.
  • Revisions of the diversity statement as submitted by Lorna nelson- To be sent to the Diversity Committee to be vetted.
  • Faculty Mission Statement as submitted by Lorna Nelson- It was proposed that certain sentences would be omitted and then that since CVCC already has a diversity statement that the Faculty Association doesn’t need one.  A motion was made to reject the statement, and the motion carried.
  • Brown Bag on 2/8- There will be a number of faculty discussing non-profits.  On the 16th, there will be a presentation on Islam.  On March 16th, President Capps will discuss the move from faculty to administration from a personal perspective.  There have been no submissions for Learning Environment Awards since the all-student email was sent out.
  • Renaming of Harvard Street- A taskforce will be put together to figure out a new name.
  • Dr. Mickles would like everyone to help out with the rush of the first week of fall semester.
  • Smart Start enrollment is over, so students can once again enroll up to a week late.
  • The summer calendar states that the final exam for the second five weeks will be the last day of classes, which is a problem for many faculty who feel it will violate the VCCS policy of number of hours required for class meetings.  Michael Farris said that enrollment will find an extra day to add to the schedule.
  • Joe Penrod is collaborating with classified and part-time staff to come up with a campus-wide community service initiative.
  • It was noted with concern that recycling containers around campus were disappearing without explanation.
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