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Minutes for Faculty Association Meeting
March 21, 2017
1:00pm Amherst 2123

In attendance: Cheryl Cunningham, Deborah Harris, Jessica Hogan, Shannon McDermott, Alison Moore, Ashley Pearson, Gary Randolph, Russell Dove, Thomas Sparhawk, Rickey Tyler, and Marc Zoccola.

Potential Parental Leave program being considered by CFAC – Gary Randolph
  • Gary wanted to judge faculty interest in pursuing the Paternal Leave Policy as put forth from George Mason University (and approved by the state).
  • If adopted, he thinks it will be much like the early retirement policy now in effect – that each college can choose to participate or not.
  • It was moved and seconded that the faculty at CVCC are interested in pursuing this matter and that Gary as the CFAC representative should take this desire to the next CFAC meeting.
Faculty recognition awards – Tom Sparhawk
  • Tom announced that once some final kinks are worked out the Faculty Recognition Awards nomination form would be distributed.
  • The FRAs are a two-step process – nomination and then a portfolio submitted by the nominated individual. The Faculty Association Executive Committee determines the recipients.
Staff/Faculty parking – Marc Zoccola and Russell Dove
  • Mark raised concern shared by many faculty that students are taking faculty spots in the parking lots – especially behind the Bedford building.
  • Russel responded that they have given 24 tickets in that lot in the previous two weeks and they continue to be vigilant.
  • He also noted that Lot 6 (across the street from the bookstore) almost always has available spots.
  • Parking is a priority of security, but other things come first. Some people have business at CVCC and have a right to park in the visitor spots for an extended period.
  • The final consensus was – if there is no parking decal then the car will get a ticket.
Summer Calendar update
  • Second summer session – another day has been approved to be added to that term, but the actual day it will be has yet to be determined. This will bring contact hours in line with the first summer session.
Nomination of Officers for the next Academic year are open and will be until early April. Nominations should be forwarded to Cheryl - Positions are:
  • Vice President, Secretary, and division representatives from BAH, Counseling, HHS, and SME.
Alison brought up the idea of another Great Teacher’s Seminar and discussed a possible date – either just before graduation (May) or prior to the start of the fall semester (August 15th). She will send a survey asking about interest and best date.

Off campus center schedules (faculty having no spring break) are on hold as the administration deals with other issues. It will be discussed in the near future.

Concern was raised about the renaming of Harvard Street – but the process has yet to begin.
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