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Faculty Association Meeting Minutes - April 25, 2017

Present:  Matt Latimer, Cheryl Cunningham, Ernie Wade, Sarah Jarrett, Tom Sparhawk, Jim Atkinson, Alison Moore, Tim Rhoades, Jessica Hogan, David McGee, Gary Randolph, Jim Tuite, Lorenz Chan, Shannon McDermott.
  • Sarah Jarrett- Sarah came to the meeting to explain what CVCC career services has to offer to students, including resumes, career placement aid, etc.
  • Jim Atkinson expressed frustration at having to commute to the new Forrest Center in the fall to teach early college as there is no gas allowance, etc.  Jim feels like an adjunct and expressed the opinion that early college students should come to CVCC’s campus to take classes.  Tom put a motion on the floor that the faculty association suggests to have full time faculty who must travel some compensation- all in favor, no opposed.
  • Outstanding faculty award- 51.18% voted in favor of moving to spring luncheon, 40.82 % opposed.  Due to concerns that the vote included adjunct faculty, the award will still be held at commencement.
  • Faculty recognition awards- Nominations are low and Tom has no idea how to boost nominations.
  • Placement tests- older students, vets and folks who have a career studies certificate should be able to take the math and English courses without taking the placement test.  Motion passed.
  • Summer calendar- there has been a day added to the second five weeks of the summer semester.
  • Committee selections- employee recognition, evaluation/rec., public relations/marketing all still have seats to fill.
  • Parking update- Parking lot 4 will convert 4 visitors’ spaces to general staff use.
  • Officers for next year:
    • Tom Sparhawk- President
    • Matt Latimer- Vice-president
    • Secretary- Xavier Retnam
    • Treasury- Cynthia Lofaso
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