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Faculty Association Meeting – Fall 2017

Meeting Minutes

August 16, 2017                                                             

I.     Call to order

Tom Sparhawk called to order the regular meeting of the Faculty Association at 2 pm  on August 16, 2017 at Amherst Hall, Room 2123.

II.     Roll call

The minutes from the previous meeting were available to all members present.  The following persons were present: Lana Velez, Matthew Latimer (Vice President), Lorenz Chan, Donna Hobbs, Cynthia Lofaso, Marci Gale, Juville Dario Becker, Shannon McDormott, Beth Shelton, Alison Moore, Lynn Dillard, David Lightfoot, James Tuite, Jewel Newman, Jessy Hogan, Susan Anderson, Tim Wilhelm, Jim Bell, Corrine Hoisington, Ernie Wade, Nick Tyler, Tim Rhoads, David McGee, and Xavier Retnam (Secretary). 

III.     Approval of minutes from last meeting

The minutes from the previous meeting were available to all members present.   The motion to approve the minutes passed.

IV.     Open issues

a)     There were no concerns about putting together a Supervisor/Administrator evaluation at CVCC

b)     Lewis Bryant asked the faculty give feedback on ideas for renovations in Amherst and Campbell Halls.  There was a call to create a subcommittee for this purpose, and the subcommittee members are, Matthew Latimer, Ernie Wade, Jim Tuite, Lawrence Chan, and David Lightfoot. Matthew Latimer will call the meeting together of the subcommittee.

c)     There was call for voluntary memberships in the following committees:   Employee Recognition Committee, Professional Development Committee, and Public Relations/Marketing Committee.

d)     President announced that a survey on the Brown Bag lunch series will be sent out about the meeting topics and the meeting times.

e)     There was a discussion on learning environment awards/faculty recognition awards (monetary value of $50). A suggestion that someone such as the Student Ambassador go to the classrooms.

f)      There was a discussion regarding the new Student Alert form.  We currently use the SAILS and in the next year will use the new forms.

V.     New business

a)     Juville Dario Becker made an announcement on the 12 OER courses available, and a discussion on who can teach the OER courses was entertained.  Completing the Pathways course will give the faculty $250 in teaching the OER course.  Faculty can teach OER courses without completing the Pathways course, but they will not get any monetary award.  Interested faculty needs to contact Gayle to create a master course.

b)     Shannon brought up the concern about the conflicting summer schedules.  A call for the membership to the Calendar committee was proposed, and David McGee volunteered to be in the committee.

c)     Ernie Wade brought up the discussion on making the attendance and drop rosters made available to the faculty electronically.  Tom said that it depends on the Deans’ decisions.

d)     There was a discussion regarding the Bookstore and book orders for the Fall semester.  Concerns were entertained.

e)     Tom Sparhawk announced that the Book Exchange has added the 2nd location.  Now it is in both the Merritt Hall and Amherst Hall, and it is includes the exchange other items such as educational supplies as well.

VI.     Adjournment

Tom Sparhawk adjourned the meeting at 3 pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Xavier Retnam

Minutes approved by:  Tom Sparhawk

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