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Faculty Association Meeting – September 2017

Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2017                                                                     

I.     Call to order

Tom Sparhawk called to order the regular meeting of the Faculty Association at 2 pm  on September 19, 2017 at Amherst Hall, Room 2203

II.     Roll call

The minutes from the previous meeting were available to all members present.  The following persons were present: Matthew Latimer (Vice President), Lorenz Chan, Donna Hobbs, Cynthia Lofaso, Juville Dario Becker, Shannon McDermott, Patti Saffioti, Alison Moore, Lorna Nelson, David Lightfoot, Dennis Phillip, Jessy Hogan, Susan Anderson, Rick Tyler, John Cullough, Ashley Pearson, and Xavier Retnam (Secretary). 

III.     Approval of minutes from last meeting

The minutes from the previous meeting were available to all members present.   The motion to approve the minutes passed with the corrections of the spelling of names.

IV.     Open issues

a)     Patti mentioned about SAILS and requested the faculty to notify non-attending students around the drop date. She said that it is a federal mandate to report the non-attending students. Faculty should get in touch with Hunter. Hunter directs the counselors to contact the students and make the students drop.  SAILS will be discontinued, and David Lightfoot said that he will create an in-house advising tool next year.  Patti mentioned faculty involvement for students’ success.  Patti mentioned that her office is contemplating whether the faculty should use texting or not to contact the students.  Tom mentioned that we will discuss that later.

b)     Discussion on committee assignments was entertained. Tom mentioned that he uses the volunteers first and then puts the rest in to committees as possible.  Faculty are satisfied with the committee assignments and there was no problem.


 V.     Committee reports

a)     Lorna reported that the IT committee discussed the priorities we need to focus on.  There will be a tech related professional development activity in the future.  The committee will revise the CVCC printing policy.

b)     Matt reported on the Classroom structuring Committee

c)     Tom reported on the Student Success Committee.  He mentioned the possibility of adding childcare center for students attending the college.  Cynthia mentioned the ‘Poverty to Progress’ initiative at the Lynchburg schools.  Faculty expressed empathy on community problems that prevent potential students from attending college.

d)     Tom said that he plans to send emails to all faculty the summary of reports  from all committee meetings.

VI.      New Business

a)     Tom mentioned that there is no ‘No late Add’ policy in effect now. In Spring the students can add courses with the permission of the Instructor. There was a discussion on the late add policy.  The existence of 14 week and 12 week classes may reduce the need for the late add policy. 

b)    Brown Bag lunch will be at noon on Mondays and Wednesdays, and at 1 pm on Thursdays.

c)     There was a discussion on summer work due to professional development funding.

d)    Lorna brought up the discussion on VPT for Math and English.  She needs volunteers to help the students prepare for VPT.  She needs five people to work with the EC Glass students. 

e)     Alison reported on the Professional Development Committee.  The due dates for applications are Sept 15 and Oct 15.   She mentioned that there is a two-month time prior approval is required for professional development activities.  She announced the ‘brainstorming sessions’ on professional development. 

VII.     Adjournment

Tom Sparhawk adjourned the meeting at 1:50 pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Xavier Retnam

Minutes approved by:  Tom Sparhawk

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