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Faculty Association Meeting Minutes - 2/6/18

Present:  Lorenz Chan, Tim, Lorna Nelson, Cynthia Lofaso, Jim Tuite, Ernie Wade, Jessica Hogan, David McGee, Juville Dario-Becker, Rick Tyler, Linda Hobs, Marci Gale, Matt Latimer, Tom Sparhawk.

  • Lorna briefly discussed the faculty reading group.  Also a “bring your own book group.”
  • Cynthia- OFA/LEA- two sets of awards. The Outstanding Faculty Award nominations need to be in by spring break.
  • Meredith McLaughlin replaced Nancy Mitchell.  There is no comprehensive list of folks with accommodations.  She wants faculty to refer all possible cases to her, as she is on campus between 9-6.
  • Chomps- Jessi Hogan has gotten many responses and has written up a report.  There will be a meeting with Lewis Bryant as well as chomps management in two weeks.
  • Parking- Russell is in the process of checking tags against decals for faculty vehicles.
  • Reserved parking places- Russell suggests orange cones with names- must go before the president’s council.
  • Discussion of posting syllabi for students prior to semester.  Tom suggested a central coordinator for posting all syllabi.  David M. made a motion that this issue go back to the student success committee for refinement.
  • OER- Juville is asking for student names for a Washington Post interview.  She also distributed a list of OER courses and is engaging students to enroll in OER sessions.  She also raised the issue of what will happen after ATD grant concludes.
  • Cynthia brought forward the issue of P-14 employees, who are significantly negatively impacted during the holidays as well as snow days.  Because these employees are paid at an hourly rate, they suffer a severe financial burden during December and January with no pay coming in.
  • Cynthia made a motion that P-14 positions be transitioned to part-time salaried positions with no benefits in order to better schedule their pay checks.  The motion was passed.
  • David raised the issue of the problem with the incomplete grade policy.  Faculty are being inconsistent and are not following the policy on incomplete grades.  This needs further discussion.
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