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Faculty Association Meeting Minutes - March 20th 2018

Present - Tom Sparhawk, Cynthia Lofaso, Matt Latimer, Gary Randolph, Lorenz Chan, Lorna Nelson, Ernie Wade, Jessica Hogan, John McCullough, Shannon McDermott, Mark Zacola.
  • Mark addressed meeting etiquette and spoke with concern of the faculty’s reception of a new staff member in February’s meeting, urging better conduct at Faculty Association Meetings.
  • Chomps Report- issues were discussed with Dwayne as a result of the faculty/staff questionnaire results.  Price issues seemed to be inflated as a problem when compared to the previous vendor’s prices.  Also, reports show that Chomps is a very clean establishment.  Addressed as well was the issue of coffee assortment.
  • Jessica Hogan expressed concern that we should be using data as opposed to feelings to back policy.
  • The student success committee has decided to make it voluntary to have syllabi listed ahead of classes.
  • E2IT committee is coming up with guidance for faculty dealing with a new LMS.
  • Committee requests will be coming up soon.
  • Kris is deleting all prerequisites and setting them to system standards.  Some of the faculty present expressed concern about the readiness of the system.
  • 2018 CFAC representative- Cynthia Lofaso.
  • 2018 Faculty Association President- Matt Latimer
  • 2018 Vice President- Open
  • 2018 Secretary- Open
  • 2018 Treasurer- Open
  • Kris Ogden strongly suggests filling out the “great colleges” survey.
  • Mike Bradford is looking for suggestions for a commencement speaker for 2018’s graduation ceremony.
  • Ernie Wade Brought up the fact that it is state law that we keep student work for at least one year.  Students have a year to appeal a grade.
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