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Faculty Association Minutes
August 15, 2018
  1. Career Fair and Job Fair
    • Sarah Jarrett informed the audience of the schedules and asked everyone to encourage students to come and participate
  2. EAB Navigate Information
    Ashley Pearson, Hunter Overstreet, and Kim French informed the audience on how Navigate is similar and how it differs from SAILS.
    1. Early alerts in Navigate is similar to SAILS but Navigate will not list instructor’s name in email
    2. Verbiage of message need to be worked on, need to create a faculty committee
    3. Navigate will go live in January
  3. Compensation for President of Classified Staff Association
    Faculty Association President gets 2 hours release time. CSA currently does not get any compensation, will make recommendation at the President’s Council meeting
  4. Direct Placement and Developmental Education
    Lana Velez described how other schools address the issue
    1. Nine colleges in the pilot program to eliminate Dev. Ed Courses
    2. CVCC could be recruited but it is the faculty’s consensus to say “No”
    3. Cynthia will take CVCC’s position to CFAC
  5. Adjuncts staying current on issues
    1. For adjunct, evaluation will include evidence of staying current in their field
    2. Adjuncts required attending convocation and other meetings.
    3. Faculty Association is not in favor of this VCCS requirements
  6. Compensation for faculty traveling to offsite centers
    1. Not settled, lots of questions
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