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Sept. 18, 2018
  1. Establishing Pre-requisites.
    1. Chain of command: Faculty---> Academic dean---> Curriculum Committee---> VP of ASA---> VCCS COOD (Council of Deans and Directors) and ASAC (Academic and Student Affairs Committee) --->SIS
    2. The question of who makes recommendation on course prerequisites was brought up
    3. Some schools offer courses but do not offer the published prerequisites. Can there be exemption?
    4. Bring issue to Peer Group and bring the Peer Group’s decision to COOD and ASAC
    5. Goal is to have the document in place by Fall 2019
  2. Interview committees
    1. David McGee told the audience that in the last several rounds of personnel interviews, Committee Members are not apprised of HR rules. For example, what questions are NOT appropriate to ask of a candidate?
    2. HR should let Hiring Committees members know of rules before they interview any candidate. These rules are in the books but CVCC does not seem to follow them.
    3. Matt will bring this issue to the  President’s Council meeting
  3. Policy on Office hours
    1. Tom Sparhawk suggested a revision for adjuncts office hours
    2. Adjuncts need not hold the same number of office hours as full time faculty
  4. Gen Ed Task Force
    1. Task Force will meet on Sept. 27 to re-map courses to new Gen Ed Competencies
    2. Program heads will meet with their respective faculty to follow up on action steps
    3. Kevin has rolled out the old ones so email him for updates
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