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October 30, 2018
  1. Adjunct Faculty Evaluation
    1. Faculty not agreeable to the Adjunct Faculty requirements as proposed by the VCCS
    2. Cynthia will bring the CVCC faculty’s response to CFAC
  2. Brown bag schedule
    1. Matt asked for input on topics and schedule
    2. Faculty are asked to volunteer to speak about their expertise and interest.
    3. Scheduling needs to be established
  3. LEA
    1. Need to get nominations. This initiative is not getting much buzz
    2. Encourage faculty, staff, and students to submit nomination
  4. BYOD
    1. David Lightfoot spoke about Bring Your Own Device to campus. Most faculty were not in favor. David said he will poll the college constituency and report back.
    2. David needs to come back to the FA meeting to discuss polling results
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