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Nov. 20, 2018
  1. CFAC Updates from Cynthia Lofaso
    1. Official minutes not yet available. Cynthia will forward to everyone when the official minutes is approved.
  2. LEA
    1. There is a need for everyone to nominate deserving individuals for the Learning Environment Award. There is a backlog; no nominees on the table.
    2. Students can nominate faculty for the LEA
    3. Can Faculty nominate themselves?
  3. OER Update
    1. Juville informed the group that CVCC is poised to launch three OER degree programs in the spring 2019. Faculty effort funded initially by the Z x 23 and the Achieving the Dream Open Educational Resources Degree Initiative
    2. Jim Tuite demonstrated the OER Training Course that he is developing in Canvas. This training will encourage more faculty to learn about OER since the training is self-paced. It is expected that with more user-friendly course, more faculty will adopt the OER courses that are already certified.
  4. Committee reports
    1. David McGee announced the Culture, Diversity, & International Committee Event “A Christmas Carol” at the Shakespeare Center
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