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Committee Name: Faculty Association
Meeting Date: 1/6/2019 12:00:00 AM
Matt Latimer welcomed faculty and staff who were present. No attendance was taken.
Job Fair
Sarah Jarrett informed the group of the importance and the successes of the Job Fairs. She encourage everyone to access and to direct students to CandidCareer.Com, a website that provides useful information for careers and jobs

Course Pre-requisites
Kris Ogden discussed the issues of prerequisites.

1. There are inconsistencies in the listing of class prerequisites in the SIS, CVCC Website, and CVCC Catalog
                a. There appears to be no meeting minutes describing how local prerequisites are determined.
b. In the absence of documentation, CVCC Curriculum Committee decided to follow what is listed in the VCCS master Course File.
c. The Faculty Association did not approve the local prerequisites.
2.  Changes in the horizon
                a. Original policy should be sent to the systems office and be added to the Master Course File 
                b.  Peer Group approaches not consistent with suggestions of adding the prerequisites to the Master course File
3. Justification for local course prerequisites
Kris Ogden suggested that CVCC develop a formal documentation of the justification for local course prerequisites.
  1. Request should originate from academic division faculty, submit to the college Curriculum Committee, and if approved, the information should be integrated into the SIS and EAB navigate.
  2. Use Navigate data to drive pre-requisites requests and recommendations
  3. Consult with other schools on transferability issues
  4. Redesign to current form for requesting prerequisites. David McGee will head the Committee that will make changes to this form: VCCS Form 103
  5. Most CTE courses have been stripped of prerequisites by their respective Peer Groups.
4. Suggestions
  1. Do the suggested prerequisites revision before Fall 2019 enrollment starts
  2. Request Kris Ogden to send a message to the faculty for consideration. Message and attachment sent on Jan.7, 2019 to all faculty.
Learning Environment Award
                Dan Murphy and William Daniel Murphy are recipients (or nominated?) of the LEA award. There are questions on whether these names belong to a single person.
Office Hours
  1. Cynthia Lofaso, the current CFAC representative said that the Chancellor is supportive of individual colleges developing their own office hours policies 
  2. Synchronous and Asynchronous Office Hours: For CVCC, six hours in-person weekly are required; the rest can be asynchronous. There were some discussion on what would be considered and would count towards asynchronous office hours.
Other Issues: Title IX
The faculty Association should take up the issue of policy change to include Title IX in the syllabus.  
The Faculty Association was adjourned at 12:00 Noon
Juville Dario-Becker
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