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Committee Name: Faculty Association
Meeting Date: 9/16/2019 12:00:00 AM
Juville Dario-Becker, Marci Gale (Treasurer), Donna Hobbs, Cynthia Deutsch (President), David McGee, Shannon McDermott, Alison Moore, Ernie Wade, Lorenz Chan (Secretary), Tom Sparhawk, Jim Tuite (Vice President), John Lofaso, John McCullough, Nelson Ayala, Rick Tyler, Dennis Phillips, Kathy Thomas, Ashley Pearson, Marc Zoccola.
Nineteen members were present at this meeting.
  1. Meeting Minutes from the August 16, 2019 meeting: Cynthia Deutsch asked if anyone had any changes to the meeting minutes. Cynthia Deutsch made the motion to approve the minutes, and Jim Tuite seconded the motion. All were in favor of approving the minutes.
  1. At our August 16, 2019 meeting, Jessica Hogan proposed a review of the bookstore ordering ancillary material not requested by the instructor.  Cynthia Deutsch addressed this issue at the President’s Cabinet meeting. Lewis Bryant, V.P. for Finance and Accounting, noted that he already discussed this issue with the bookstore and they will be no longer suggest that this ancillary material is recommended by the faculty.
  1. At our August 16, 2019 meeting, Marci Gale brought forward a concern about IOTA evaluation scores and the way averages are computed on instructor evaluations.  Evaluations appear to include several questions that are unrelated to instructor performance or class issues.  These questions were averaged into the final evaluation score, which skewed the scores.  Additionally, questions on face-to-face class evaluations are not the same as questions for web classes.  Cynthia Deutsch presented this issue to Kris Ogden, Dean for Institutional Effectiveness and Planning, and learned that the online questions listed for face-to-face classes and face-to-face questions listed for online courses during the Spring 2019 semester.  Cynthia also addressed the question of non-faculty related questions contributing to a combined IOTA score.   First, Kris Ogden advised that if there were any question regarding the IOTA score during faculty evaluations, she would explain the discrepancy to the affected faculty member’s Associate Vice President.  Secondly, she said that it is possible to separate these scores in future IOTA surveys. The Faculty Association unanimously recommends that these scores be separated on future evaluations.
       Action Item:
  • Cynthia Deutsch (President) will bring this recommendation to the attention of the Dean for Institutional Effectiveness and Planning.
  1. Cynthia Deutsch announced that the Community Connections Coordinator, Philmika Reid would not be able to attend today’s meeting and would be invited to the next Faculty Association meeting on October 22, 2019.
  1. Juville Dario-Becker proposed that the Faculty Association approve the OER Policy draft previously sent to all Faculty Association members. The proposal was seconded by Jim Tuite, and the proposal was unanimously approved.
  1. Juville Dario-Becker further explained the new name for OER in the current electronic catalog was “Low Cost” course. She raised concerns about the branding of these courses.  The Faculty Association recommended that any change in this policy should come from the OER Advisory Committee to the Marketing Committee.
  1. The “Early Alert” feature within the Navigate System is intended to increase retention and to identify and assist students in need of additional professional or community services.   The administration is unhappy with the low faculty participation rate (below 50%) thus far.  This system can increase student success.
       Action Item
  • The committee has recommended that Alison Moore and Jim Tuite address this issue at the next Vice Presidents Cabinet meeting.  
  1. The current Syllabus Review Form used in the Arts and Sciences Division contains an Early Alert System requirement. However, this is not the current policy requirement. A motion to address this incongruity was made and has tabled for a future meeting.
  1. The college has proposed that faculty be required to provide Midterm Grades to all students in order to increase student success. The question was raised as to whether there was any research indicating that providing Midterm Grades improves student success. Faculty, already providing up-to-date grades to their students on the Canvas platform, questioned the effectiveness of adding the additional administrative requirement. Also, faculty, not providing timely midterm grade reports to their department offices, would create an additional administrative burden on departmental administrative staff.  Several individuals noted that the problem appears to be faculty not using the Canvas and Navigate platforms.  The Faculty Association has tabled making a recommendation on this issue until their next meeting.
       Action Items
  • Cynthia Deutsch will address this issue at a Title III meeting to be held on September 18, 2019.  
  • Jim Tuite will examine this issue to determine if this practice has been demonstrated to increase student success.
  1. A proposal was made by Tom Sparhawk to consider part-time faculty to be recipients of the Faculty Association Learning Achievement Awards (seconded).  The proposal was unanimously approved.
  1. Tom Sparhawk recommended that faculty and staff training material not include materials from actual students and that fictitious student accounts be established for training.  The Faculty Association unanimously concurred with this recommendation.
       Action Item
  • Cynthia Deutsch will present this recommendation to the Title III committee and appropriate training staff.  
  1. Tom Sparhawk and David McGee advised that the current Final Exam Schedule for the Fall 2019 semester may cause conflicts for our students.  In many cases, classes scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday have exams scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday.  Classes scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday have exams scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The current calendar and exam schedules were created without consulting faculty.  This issue was raised at a Town Hall meeting last Spring, and it was decided then that faculty members (McGee, Tuite) would participate in this process. 
       Action Item
  • Cynthia Deutsch will discuss revising the Fall 2019 Final Exam Schedule and faculty participation in establishing the calendar and exam schedules with Michael Farris, Dean of Enrollment Management and Karen Alexander, Registrar.


October 22, 2019, at 1:00 PM in Room 2123
Lorenz Chan
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