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Committee Name: Faculty Association
Meeting Date: 4/28/2020 12:00:00 AM

Marci Gale (Treasurer), Elizabeth Elam, David McGee, Matthew Poteat, John McCullough, Jessy Hogan, Alison Moore, Beth Shelton, Deborah Harris, Yalitza Figueroa, Susan Fitzsimons, John Lofaso, Juville Dario-Becker, Hailey Hermosa, Charles Poff, Ernie Wade, Cynthia Deutsch (President), Jim Tuite, Brent Lester, Jessica Coco, Joanne Lehman, Vic Sizemore, Shannon McDermott, Kimberly French, Karen Alexander, Kevin Lease, Bette-Jeanne Moodie, Ashley Pearson, Joy Quarmout, Mable Franklin, Julie Piercy, Christopher Gaumer, Moroni deMoors, Jewel Newman, Jim Atkinson

Others Present:

John Capps (CVCC President), Muriel Mickles (VP, Academic, and Student Affairs)

Thirty-five members were present.

  1. Announcement of Officers for 2020-2021 School Year.   James Tuite (President), Cynthia Deutsch (Vice President – President-Elect), Ernie Wade (Secretary), Marci Gale (Treasurer), Shannon McDermott (Arts and Sciences Division Representative), and Ashley Pearson (Counseling and Library Representative), Susan Fitzsimmons (Professional and Career Studies Division Representative).
  1. Faculty Update.  John Capps, President, Central Virginia Community College (CVCC)

    After brief opening comments by Dr. Capps and Dr. Mickles regarding operating during the COVID-19 crisis and the shift to online/remote learning during the Spring 2020 semester, Dr. Capps briefed the faculty on the following:
    1. Summer 2020.  CVCC will be online except for hands-on skills classes.  CVCC hopes to begin in-person classes for hands-on skills using social distancing practices after the Governor’s stay at home order expires on June 10, 2020.
    2. Summer Enrollment.  Summer enrollment data update.
    3. Summer Faculty Pay. A decision on these issues is still pending.  However, a decision will be made in the next week (once there is a clearer understanding of the summer enrollment).
    4. Budget Update. All measures passed by the state legislature are on hold as the Governor has paused all new spending approved during this year’s session.  This action will impact the G3 program as well as faculty pay adjustments.  There may also be additional budget reductions based on recalibration of revenue. In late August – early September 2020, the Governor will determine the level of cuts each state agency will have to absorb. The extent of the agency cuts is unknown. The Chancellor will not approach the state board regarding raising tuition until he knows the extent of the cuts to the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). Vacant positions opening in the coming months will not be filled in anticipation of these cuts.  Everything possible is being done to mitigate the effects on the CVCC community.
    5. CARES Act Update.  Dr. Capps briefed the faculty on the rules that apply to that portion of CARES Act funding that can be distributed to students. The rules relating to the use of that portion of funding allocated to the institution appear, at present, to apply only to addressing issues relating to the disruption of classes in the switch to online learning during the Spring 2020 semester. However, partial guidance continues to be released from the federal government.

                      The Chancellor has written a letter to the Governor requesting a special allotment from federal   
                       funds allocated to the state the following:   ​
                             - $10 million in scholarship support to CTE students
                             - $4million in scholarship support for students in non-credit classes
                             - $1million in funding to extend internet range into the parking lots of VCCS institution

                     f. Fall 2020 Status.  The is still no clarity on the mode of instruction (online, face-to-face (with     
                         social distancing), size of classes, length of sessions). We are awaiting formal guidance from
                          the VCCS.  Some decisions, however, will still be made at the individual college level.

                     g.  VCCS Marketing Campaign. The “College Anywhere” media campaign is scheduled to begin 
                           by the end of April 2020.  The campaign includes a registration portal that will direct students 
                            to their home VCCS campus.

                      h. Faculty Survey. A survey will be sent to faculty and staff to identify successes and failures
                          during  the Spring 2020 semester.  Also, Dr. Capps encouraged everyone to help identify areas
                          for  improvement by contacting him directly.    

               2.  Additional Comments:  Jim Tuite reiterated the importance of the faculty survey in identifying
                    issues that arose during the Spring 2020 semester, and Dr. Capps noted that anyone with
                    concerns or ideas should feel free to contact his at any time.


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