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Committee Name: Faculty Association
Meeting Date: 9/29/2020 12:00:00 AM
James Tuite (President), Ernie Wade (Secretary), Beth Shelton, Cynthia Deutsch (Vice President), Jim Bell, John Lofaso, John McCullough, Juville Dario-Becker, Karen Alexander, Kathy Thomas, Brent Lester, Marci Gale (Treasurer), Alison Moore, Shannon McDermott, Elizabeth Elam, Deborah Harris, Mary Hubbard, Jacob Johnson, Joy Quarmout, Linda Mallory, Ayala Nelson, Dennis Phillips, Tim Rhodes, Vic Sizemore, Susan Fitzsimons, Mena Hughes.
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  1. Nelson Ayala made the motion to approve the minutes for the 08/18/2020 meeting, and Susan Fitzsimons seconded the motion. All were in favor, and the motion was approved.
  2. On August 18, 2020, Dr. Capps approved the Faculty Association recommendation for faculty to offer student flexibility in attendance policy for all real-time virtual classes by making allowances for predictable and unavoidable access issues.
  3. Learning Environment Award funding is in the budget for the 2020-2021 Academic Year.
  4. Faculty Challenges:
    1. Campbell County Public Schools decided to discontinue their use of Zoom this academic year. CVCC is currently working on getting Zoom privileges reinstated in CVCC classrooms and for students taking courses at CVCC.
    2. There is interest within the college in discovering how our students are adapting to the remote teaching environment. Faculty are encouraged to identify their "suggested best practices for remote instruction." A link to a spreadsheet with various faculty members' suggestions can be accessed on the Faculty Association Canvas site.
  5. .Blue Yetis (back-ordered) and Surface Pro 7 laptops have been ordered.  Some faculty members have already received the new laptop computers.  If a new laptop is requested and received, it will replace the HP All-In-One in the faculty office (when applicable).  These computers and other equipment were ordered because of information obtained from the "Technology Requests for Remote/Hybrid instruction." Requests may still be made by accessing the associated link on the Faculty Association Canvas site.       
  6. Faculty input is needed for determining how to measure the effectiveness of Navigate.  Jim Tuite  suggested using cases closed in not a useful metric if cases are closed due to being "unable to contact the student."
  7. Present adjunct faculty members acknowledged that their Fall 2020 teaching contracts were received on time.
  8. New proctoring guidelines are in place to address concerns for safety and health. These measures resulted in the  Testing Center's closure. Consequently, faculty need to adapt to our new learning environment by making appropriate adjustments to pedagogy and considering using alternative proctoring techniques, such as Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor. Jim Tuite requested that faculty also share best practices for proctoring.
  1. The issue of student cheating in online classes was raised, and that faculty might need support from the Faculty Association with college administrators as academic integrity violations are reported and investigated.
  1. The original proposed budget contained a December 2020 bonus and a 3% salary increase in June 2021.  These provisions were "unallotted" in the revised budget currently being considered due to state revenue shortfalls. However, a reduction in state appropriations to the VCCS is not anticipated.
  2. Course offerings will continue to be taught remotely this spring (with exceptions consistent with the Fall schedule), including online synchronous (real-time instruction), asynchronous (virtual classes) courses, and hybrid face to face classes.
  3. Faculty are requested to submit book orders as soon as the Spring 2021 course schedule is finalized. The bookstore also intends to streamline the process for OER courses/sections. The Assistant Vice Presidents may enlist Program Heads to assist in monitoring the status of book orders.
  4. Shannon McDermott spoke about the Noyce grant, a partnership between CVCC and the University of Lynchburg.  This grant is intended for transfer students who aspire to become math or science teachers (in high need middle schools or high schools).  Recipients can receive up to $40,000 in scholarship funds ($20,000 in their junior year and up to $20,000 in their senior year).
  5. According to counseling reacting to students' comments, some faculty members need to improve their teaching presence online by interacting more with students and providing more timely feedback on assignments. Information relating to best practices for "teaching presence" in online instruction is available on the Faculty Association Canvas site.
  6. Peer-review of online courses is being re-evaluated. Since CVCC is now a part of the Online Virginia Network (OVN), online course quality (structure, form, and content) needs to be evaluated.
  7. There is nationwide concern about faculty burnout in the "COVID-19 imposed" virtual teaching environment.  Information addressing this subject is available on the Faculty Association Website.  The Faculty Association is soliciting suggestions from the faculty on ways to help reduce this problem.
  8. $25,000 in professional development funding has been reinstated in the CVCC FY2020 budget. Allison Moore said that the Professional Development Committee would take this matter up and determine how the funding will be used. 
  9. College Governance Information (instructions on using Communique and posting minutes) is available to newly elected chairs and recorders on the Faculty Association Canvas site.
  10. Flu Shots are available for free in the City of Lynchburg over the next few weeks (see the schedule sent out last week by Dr. Mickles). Due to the current COVID-19 threat, getting the Flu Shot is highly recommended by the CDC. Our group health insurance should also cover the cost of the vaccine.

Cynthia Deutsch made the motion to adjourn the meeting, and Shannon McDermott seconded the motion. All were in favor, and the motion was approved.


NEXT MEETING:  November 10, 2020, at 1:00 PM (Virtual)

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