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Committee Name: Faculty Association
Meeting Date: 1/4/2021 12:00:00 AM
Jim Tuite (president), Ernie Wade (secretary), Jessy Hogan, Vic Sizemore, Jacob Johnston, Nelson Ayala, Cynthia Deutsch (vice president), Marci Gale (treasurer), Kathy Thomas, Holly Clapper, Debbie Harris, Mena Hughes, Shannon McDermott, Juville Dario-Becker, Tim Rhoads, Jessica Coco, Tim Wilhelm, John Lofaso, Brent Lester, Yalitza Figueroa, Michael Babcock, Xavier Retnam, Joy Quarmout, John McCullough, Carolyn Gross, Charles Dull, Jim Bell, Susan Fitzsimons, Alison Moore, Beth Shelton, David McGee, Hailey Hermosa, Nora Cox.
If you were present at this meeting and your name does not appear above, please let Ernie Wade know by email ( as soon as possible.
  1. Approval of Minutes. John McCullough motioned to approve the minutes from the 11/10/2020 meeting, and Xavier Retnam seconded the motion. All in favor, and the motion was approved.
  2. Adjunct Contracts. Current adjunct faculty members should have received their contracts for the spring semester. Adjunct faculty in attendance said they received their contracts and did not express any concern regarding their contracts. 
  3. Peer-review of Online Courses. A peer-review process is being initiated for online course review through Quality Matters. Cynthia Deutsch advised that CVCC had been accepted as part of the Online Virginia Network (OVN), effective January 1, 2021.  College participation in this consortium (OVN) provides additional funding to strengthen our ability to promote high-quality online courses and programs.  The Quality Matters rubric will be used to evaluate and suggest improvements to online courses. The Distance Learning department will provide essential information for those involved in the review process.  
  4. Faculty Association Suggestion Box.  A spreadsheet has been provided on the Faculty Association Canvas site for faculty to submit suggestions or recommendations.
  5. CVCC Suggestion Box. Sarah Jarrett previously suggested having a CVCC Suggestion Box. The VCCS is in the process of adopting the Suggestion Ox application, and its approval is contingent on safety and security considerations.   
  6. Improving Navigate. Faculty will be gaining greater access to the specific details of student case activity this semester—additional information is forthcoming.
  7. Administrative Guidelines for Online Course Withdrawal. There is a need for administrative guidelines and criteria for withdrawing students from online courses. Jim Tuite raised this issue at a recent President's Cabinet meeting and with the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs. Jessy Hogan suggested that the Faculty Association recommend an online student withdrawal policy to the College Governance Committee. Recommended criteria will be submitted to the FA Canvas site by faculty before further discussion.
  1. New Syllabus Statements for Spring 2021. Due to student safety concerns, COVID-19 and the Temporary Inclement Weather policies must be included in course syllabi. A draft of the inclement weather policy was sent to faculty for comment, and the proposed policy was modified in response to faculty feedback. The syllabus review sheet has also been updated to reflect the current syllabus statement requirements. This information is published on the Faculty Association Canvas site. The Early Alert syllabus statement is still recommended but not required to appear on syllabi.
  2. Open Educational Resource Awareness. An effort is being made to get OER included within the jurisdiction of the Student Success Committee. Some faculty members using OER in their courses also serve on the Student Success Committee. Juville Dario-Becker stated that the use of OER at other schools is student-driven. She recommended that students should have a voice in OER availability. 
  3. Spring 2021 Syllabus Attachment and Final Exam Schedule. The CVCC Spring 2021 Syllabus Attachment and the final exam schedule will be available soon. One faculty member raised a concern regarding a time conflict in last semester's exam schedule.
  4. Chancellors Faculty Advisory Committee Representative Nominations.  Cynthia Deutsch is our current faculty representative on CFAC and serving her last year of a 3-year appointment. Cynthia will accept nominations of anyone interested in serving as the CVCC CFAC representative by e-mail. If more than one person is interested, the CFAC representative will be elected by the Faculty Association. CFAC usually meets twice a year in Richmond. Serving on this committee is rewarding in meeting other colleagues throughout the VCCS and learning more about how the VCCS operates. The last meeting scheduled for the 2020-21 academic year is in April 2021.
  5. Professional Development Update.  Allison Moore reported that faculty can still be reimbursed for membership fees paid to academic or professional organizations. However, membership fees must be paid using a school P-card; otherwise, the fees will not be reimbursed.
  6. Proctoring Online Exams. Ernie Wade inquired about faculty experiences using both Respondus Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor to proctor online exams. The opinions about the use of this technology are mixed. Ed McGee is investigating the viability of a system-wide solution that may involve other forms of online proctoring. 
  7. IOTA Student Evaluations. Student evaluation results are being sent from IOTA to faculty (VCCS) email accounts rather than to their primary (VCCE) email accounts. As a result, some faculty members did not see the evaluation announcements. Jim Tuite will inquire about why this was the case and other concerns about evaluation process scoring.
Jessy Hogan made the motion to adjourn the meeting, and Ernie Wade seconded the motion. All were in favor, and the motion was approved.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 16, 2021, at 1 pm.
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Ernie Wade
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