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Central VA Community College
Committee Name:  Finance, Facilities, and Sustainability Committee Minutes
Meeting Date:  September 11, 2012
Members Present:  Sharon Capreta, Tom Bushley, Teri Brothers, Teresa Ranson, and John Poole.
Members Absent:  Jeff Laub, James Lemons, Muriel Mickles, Cat Mobley, Lucy Carter Smith, Mike Alderman, David Farris, and Twila Demasters
Committee Chair:  Tom Bushley
Committee Recorder:  Teresa Ranson
Old Business:  None
New Business: 
·         The meeting began with John Poole making a recommendation for us to first vote on a committee chair person before any discussions took place. Teri Brothers made the recommendation for Tom Bushley to be nominated for committee chair and all in attendance voted likewise. Tom then proceeded to make recommendation for Teresa Ranson to be nominated as recorder for the committee and all in attendance voted likewise.
·         Tom then began the meeting with asking for recommendations in order to state the goals of the committee as per the governance committee model as stated below.
·         Finance, Facilities and Sustainability Committee Governance Model: Propose policies and educate the college on topics relating to physical and financial resources of the College, especially those concerning conservation and efficient use of natural resources both on and off campus.
Recommendations to the College Governance Committee (CGC):  In order to reduce CVCC’s carbon footprint the committee makes the following recommendations concerning sustainability, facilities, and finance.
·         Sustainability:
o   Implement a campus-wide recycling plan – Teresa Ranson will submit information already in place for recycling containers to Tom Bushley.
o   Install hand dryers in restrooms campus-wide – Hand dryers are presently in use in the new culinary arts building. Teri Brothers will check on prices in order to be able to install hand dryers instead of paper towel dispensers as restroom renovations are being made.
o   Review energy saving processes – Tom Bushley is researching & making plans to install new window blinds in buildings to conserve energy.
o   Waste removal – Culinary arts is interested in putting in a compost bin for scraps with later use of the compost in an herb garden. 
·         Facilities:
o   New furniture – Teri Brothers will comprise a list of offices needing new furniture. Faculty and Staff will also be asked to complete a survey of their needs or requests. Any further requests should be forwarded to the dept. head and then be forwarded to facilities which will then prioritize the list for replacement.
o   Landscaping – Trees and shrubs are being trimmed this fall to make the best use of foliage and tree shape to deter winds and allow/limit sunlight exposer to conserve energy as efficiently as possible.
o   Sidewalks – Handicapped sidewalks are being renovated campus-wide
o   Lighting – energy efficient lighting is being used campus-wide as replacements are necessary 
o   Student parking lots – Plans are underway to install better plantings around the lower student parking lot to limit run-off and lower maintenance. 
o   Boilers – Areva has 2 boilers that will need to be replaced in the future.
·         Finance:
o   Procedures – A procedure needs to be implemented to better educate our employees on proper procedures to follow concerning financial matters such as purchasing, travel requests, etc.
Next Meeting Date: October 23rd, 2012 at 1PM in room 5208. All members are reminded to be present!
Submitted By: Teresa H. Ranson
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