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Central VA Community College
Committee Name:  Finance, Facilities, and Sustainability Committee Minutes
Meeting Date:  October 23, 2012
Members Present:  Sharon Capreta, Tom Bushley, Teresa Ranson, Mike Alderman, Jeff Laub, Muriel Mickles, David Farris, Lucy Carter Smith, and Twila Demasters.
Members Absent:  James Lemons, Teri Brothers
Committee Chair:  Tom Bushley
Committee Recorder:  Teresa Ranson
Old Business: 
·         Viewed pictures of recycling bins with a price quote. Tom Bushley will compare prices and bins with First Piedmont Recycling.
·         Price to replace existing paper towel dispensers with Dyson Blade hand dryers was quoted at ~ $26,000 to install. Operational cost is at 2.2kw x kilowatt price/hour. Paper towels now costs ~$5,074 per year. Members decided to look at replacing paper towel dispensers with hand dryers as improvements are made in separate buildings across campus rather than doing it as a one-time replacement across entire campus.      
·         Old antiquated furniture needs to be replaced. Teri Brothers has prepared a list campus wide of needs.  We were encouraged to submit work orders to B & G when need of  repairs or replacements are noticed.     
·         Jill Markwoods’ art students will be decorating existing trash containers for use on campus and on the nature trail.                                                                                                       
New Business: 
·         Periodic energy savings report was distributed to all members present.  Members were referred to page 2 for energy savings report and to page 8 for environmental impact report of upgrades to the college.
·         CVCC does not presently have a contract for upkeep of our heating/cooling system because B&G is able to oversee this now. However, it was suggested that we need to look at legal litigation concerning the new boilers that were placed in Areva in 2006 and have given us trouble since installation. They are already said to be in need of replacement (per Southern Air.)
·          Tom brought up the idea of decorating the wall between Merritt and Bedford  and redoing the area into a student area for placement of graffic artwork, personal goal statements, etc.  Students must follow stated guidelines to place items on the wall. This would be overseen by the SGA.  It was also discussed to install a butterfly garden for  beautification and as research use by biology and environmental students.  
·         A compost bin has been purchased for Culinary Arts and the 178 gallon bin sits behind the Culinary Arts building and will support mulching/landscaping around campus and also an herb garden for Culinary arts to grow their own fresh herbs.
·         Campus landscaping: lime has been applied, grass has been re-seeded, and the old gas pump behind Amherst has been moved to B&G.
·         ADA: Sidewalks are being finished soon and double doors are being removed for ADA compliance for ease of wheelchair access.
·         Parking lot lighting: Security lights are being individually labeled so as to make it clear which lights need to be replaced/repaired for B & G.  
·         Finance: It was discussed to have travel voucher training conducted by Cat Mobley.
·         Concern for smoking in areas closer than 25 ft. to building was discussed. When students and/or faculty are approached about non- compliance it was requested that they be referred to security if the problem continues. 
·         It was requested that the results of the “Great Shake Out” earthquake drill be reviewed at the Nov. meeting.
·         Also requested to review the Region 3 Functional Exercise.
·         Wrap-up of control and use access cards is expected to take place at Nov. meeting.  
o     Next Meeting Date: November 27th, 2012 at 1PM in room 5208. All members are reminded to be present!
Submitted By: Teresa H. Ranson
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