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Central VA Community College
Committee Name: Finance, Facilities, and Sustainability Committee Minutes
Meeting Date:  Nov. 27th, 2012

Members Present:  Tom Bushley, Muriel Mickles, Twilla Demasters, David Farris, John, Poole, Sharon Capretta, Lucy Carter Smith, Justin Jantomaso, and Teresa Ranson
Members Absent: James Lemons, Teri Brothers, Mike Alderman,  and Jeff Laub
Committee Chair: Tom Bushley
Committee Recorder: Teresa Ranson
Old Business:
·         Recycling: 1st Piedmont will supply recycling  boxes with their logo and a CVCC logo. 90 gal containers will be placed behind the greenhouse and 1 larger container at B & G.
·         A Trash Audit will be conducted by the environmental class and env. club members. Data will be collected on current amount of recyclables presently being placed in trash vs what is being placed in current recycling bins. It was agreed upon that any proceeds from recycling of aluminum will go to the env. Club. Other savings to the college from increased recycling will be seen in reduction of costs for trash pick-up.
·         Hand Dryers:  This work has presently been put on hold due to the current status of renovations already underway, however, plans are to add hand dryers to future renovations as early as work is done in Amherst and Campbell Hall.
·         Furniture: CAD lab in Campbell has upgraded chairs. Currently trying to use what is in storage first and then replace outdated furniture.
New Business:
·         Holiday work: painting in Areva and Merritt, floor covering replacement in college for living, etc.,
·         Fire Extinguishers: just done, will be checking culinary this week.
·         Landscaping:  John Poole stated that improvements look great around campus. Our grass will be getting a boost from an additive recommended by VaTech soil scientists.
·         Cleaning:  will be improving soon. Phone call has been placed to report inadequacies.
·         EMS and Electricity are exchanging rooms between Campbell and Amherst over Holiday.
·         According to CERT training, fire extinguishers that have been removed could be used in Cert training classes.  
·         Great Shake Out - After action review has  worked through E2 system on web. 30 additional individuals signed up for e2 after the drill. Building safety coordinator needs additional funding.
·         Region 3 Functional activities were cancelled due to the storm “Sandy”
·         Live phase of installation of relay for ADA doors has been completed to keep the relays  from burning out.
·         We will hold training on travel vouchers very soon, presently waiting for renovations in accounting & records first that will begin on Jan. 18th.
·         Noted that we need to add a camera to ADA door in Areva.
o   Next Meeting Date: January 29th, 2013 at 1PM in room 5208. All members are reminded to be present!
Submitted By: Teresa H. Ranson
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