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Committee Name: Facilities, Finance and Sustainability
Meeting Date: January 27, 2014
                             2:00 pm
                             Merritt Hall Conference Room
Members Present: Tom Bushley, Facilities Manager
                                      Jeff Laub, Academic Division Dean
                                      Jim Lemons, Academic Division Dean
                                    Teri Brothers, Facilities Services
                                      David Fariss, Information Technology
                                      John Poole, VP Finance and Administration
                                      Russell Dove, Police Chief
                                      Beth Walkup, Facilities Services
                                      Sharon Capretta, Classified Staff & Business Office
                                   Peggy Samuels, Accounting
Members Absent:  John Poole, VP Finance and Administration
Twila DeMasters, Workforce
                                      Mike Alderman, Faculty Representative
                                      Paul Morrison, Faculty Representative
Old Business: The election of a new chairperson is required. Jim nominated Twila DeMasters, Workforce; Tom seconded the motion. Twila was not able to attend the meeting, Jim Lemons will be contacting her.
Student Center Construction:  The Student Center is pushing forward to open the cafeteria area very soon as well as the tile in the restrooms in Campbell is almost complete.
Sustainability: Tom introduced Michael Mongelli from Pure Earth Recycling Technologies, Inc.
Michael spoke for about 20 minutes explaining their process and how they can help CVCC be a true green facility. Pre-sorting is not necessary except for glass. The items cannot be heavily soiled. Tom would like to see this program be initialized then turned over to the environmental club. The club would then receive the rebates that Pure Earth Recycling offers for every ton Pure Earth Recycling pickup.
Tom also stated that we would continue with Central Virginia Training Center as we are now.
Items they recycle that would benefit CVCC are as follows:
·         Aluminum: Cans, trays, foil, siding
·         Metal: Tin cans, all light iron scrap
·         Glass: Soda, water
·         Plastic: #’s 1-7, Styrofoam, Milk and juice bottles and jugs, rigid plastics, shrink-wrap, plastic bags, bubble wrap
·         Cardboard: Moving boxes, empty pizza boxes, food boxes, packing boxes, delivery boxes, divider strips, case containers
·         Magazines: Catalogs and phone books
·         Mixed Paper: Newspaper, flyers & inserts, office paper, junk mail
·         Wood: All natural, un-treated, un-painted wood pieces and scraps, 2x4’s, 4x4’s, pallets, etc.
Tom shared the fact that the College is required to report information about storm water runoff in the MS4 Reports. One option to consider in the future is the installation of an underground tank to hold runoff that is collected from the rooftops of campus buildings. This water might then be used to irrigate the landscaping. Our monthly bill each month to the City of Lynchburg is $1,325.60 just for storm water runoff.
Other Business:  Capital Outlay: Scott Garrett has submitted a budget amendment for CVCC for the renovations of Amherst Hall and Campbell Hall.
Raised crosswalks: The DPR is currently in procurement.
The meeting adjourned at 2:55 pm.
Submitted by Beth Walkup
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