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Committee Name: Facilities, Finance and Sustainability
Meeting Date: March 5, 2014
                             1:00 pm
                             Merritt Hall Room #5141
Members Present: Tom Bushley, Facilities Management
                                   Twila DeMasters, Workforce
                                      Jim Lemons, Academic Division Dean
                                      David Fariss, Information Technology
                                      Beth Walkup, Facilities Services
                                      Sharon Capretta, Classified Staff & Business Office
                                   Peggy Samuels, Accounting
Members Absent:  John Poole, VP Finance and Administration
                                      Mike Alderman, Faculty Representative
                                      Paul Morrison, Faculty Representative
                                   Jeff Laub, Academic Division Dean
                                   Teri Brothers, Facilities Services
                                   Lucy Carter-Smith, Emergency Management Coordinator
Old Business: Twila DeMasters has accepted the position on new chairperson.
Student Center Construction:
·         The Fire Marshall is doing a walk thru this Friday, March 7th for completion and occupation.
·         The furniture has all been ordered. Some furniture is on special order and should be here by the end of this month.
·         Possible Grand Opening around the first of April..
Faculty Lounge:
·         The lounge has been painted, new cabinets stained and sealed, new counter tops and a large conference table has been places. When the new budget is available we would like to order nice chairs and a flat screen TV.
·         While the restrooms are behind schedule, there are two crews working. Each tile has to be cut so it is a very labor intensive job.
·         The restrooms in Campbell should be finished around the end of March.
·         The restrooms at the end of Amherst should be finished in approximately 5 weeks.
·         The other restrooms in Amherst in a couple weeks.
 Raised Crosswalks:
·         Pre-bid meeting was held on Wednesday, March 5th.
·         Bids are due March 19th. Bid opens March 20th.
·         Would like this project to start at the beginning of April.
·         Trying to have Harvard Street closed to thru traffic during construction. This would allow access to the college through the lower parking lot. The Harvard Street parking lots would still be accessible from Wards Ferry Road.
·         Twelve pedestrian signs have been ordered.
·         Looking at a 30-45 day construction time.
Photo Lab:
·         Years ago the Art Professors built some things against fire code. This summer we will be taking those out. This will be in-house work.
·         We discussed briefly Pure Earth who gave the presentation in the last meeting. We would still like to go this route. Tom would like to start small and as everyone gets used to using the recycle bins, we will gradually add more. If the environmental club takes care of the recycling they will receive the profits.
·         Twila brought up that right now Dani van Vierssen and her work study are recycling the toner cartridges and the money is going to the baseball team. We all agreed that if Dani is willing to handle those, the money would continue going to the baseball team.
·         Twila proposed a possible power point to everyone after the recycling is underway as a reminder to recycle and where all of the different recycle locations will be.
Other Business: 
·         Capital Outlay: Scott Garrett has submitted a budget amendment for CVCC for the renovations of Amherst Hall and Campbell Hall.
·         Tornado Drill: Twila will talk to Campus Police regarding what rooms are to be used. We also discussed having small signs made and put outside of the rooms that are to be used in the event of a tornado.
·         The brick planters are well on their way to being finished.  The Student Ambassadors will plant herbs in them. These planters will also bring shade to the area.
·         Ernie Wade had requested for someone on this committee to set on the Annual Budget Committee. Tom Bushley will be representing.
·         Twila would like to have all the minutes from 2013-2014 to put on Communication Central.
·         The Vet Center will begin moving this Thursday.
·         Police Department’s new furniture has all been ordered and they will be moved as soon as it comes.
·         The QEP Planning Committee has been traveling to other schools looking at their Testing Centers gathering ideas for our Testing Center.
The meeting adjourned at 2:25 pm.
Submitted by Beth Walkup
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