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Facilities, Finance and Sustainability
April 15, 2014
1:00 pm
Merritt Hall Room #5208
Members Present: John Poole, VP Finance and Administration
                                   Tom Bushley, Facilities Management
                                   Twila DeMasters, Workforce
                                      David Fariss, Information Technology
                                      Beth Walkup, Facilities Services
                                      Sharon Capretta, Classified Staff & Business Office
                                   Peggy Samuels, Accounting
                                   Lucy Carter-Smith, Emergency Management Coordinator
                                   Paul Morrison, Faculty Representative
Members Absent:  Jim Lemons, Academic Division Dean
                                      Mike Alderman, Faculty Representative
                                   Jeff Laub, Academic Division Dean
                                   Teri Brothers, Facilities Service
Old Business:
   Student Center Construction:
·         Fire Marshal walk through April 16th
·         Most of the furniture is in and in place
·         Working on coordinating Grand Opening
   Faculty Lounge:
·         TV is on hold for now
·         2200 block and Campbell are open
·         2400 block demo in about 4 weeks
Raised Crosswalks:
·         Bids in, non-responsive. They will go back out for bid this summer
·         Tunnels are scheduled to open May 9th
Photo Lab:
·         This project will be taken care of during the summer. It will be in house work
·         Pure Earth: Tom ordered 4 recycle bins for inside of the Student Center and the outdoor sitting area at Merritt
·         Toner: When Dani moves into her new space she will handle the toner recycling for CVCC sports
Other Business: 
·         Capital Outlay: Not approved for this year
·         Twila would like to have all the minutes from 2013-2014 to put on Communication Central. Beth will be getting with Wil Perez for the minutes she has taken.
·         The QEP Planning Committee has been traveling to other schools looking at their Testing Centers gathering ideas for our Testing Center.
·         Discussed a pad for the code blue box. Facilities plans to install the pad and possibly have Steve Drummond run the electrical.
New Business:
·         No Posting Policy: Tom will be putting this in writing for the Governance Committee.
·         Rick Tyler is asking for a smaller desk in 2123. David is going to refer him to Muriel to discuss this.
·         Lucy has suggested signage directing visitors to Counseling. Teri has been working on a way finding contract for indoor and outdoor. May need to find some alternatives.
·         Compliance Committee is working on how communicating to faculty and staff on how to help individuals understand what is available.
·         Safety Committee is working on getting numbers on the outside doors with reflective lettering.
·         Bedford Hall Renovation: Tom has a meeting on Thursday.
·         Goal for the upcoming year per the Committee on Committees: Integration of code blue devices. Continue to support Department of Public Safety with info structure to ensure safety of all campus facilities.
  • QEP is working on student success. Deciding where things fit best.
  • City of Lynchburg to start sidewalks May 5th.
  • Long Term Update to get light poles matching
  • Quin Report Writer: VCCC interface with AIS. These will be much better than what we get from AIS. If you have specific needs that AIS doesn’t provide, let John know so he can take it to Quin Committee.
  • John would like to see the committee start talking more about Finance, Accounting, and AIS
Committee Term:
·         Anyone who has served for their require term will need to rotate off the committee. Twila has served two years as Workforce Representative and will be rotation off. The new Classified Staff representative will be Peggy Samuels for a two-year term.
·         John Poole nominated Beth Walkup as Chair, Tom Bushley second that motion, all in favor.
·         Tom Bushley nominated Lucy Carter-Smith as Recorder, John Poole second, all in favor.
The meeting adjourned at 2:05 pm.
Submitted by Beth Walkup
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