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Facilities, Finance and Sustainability
October 20, 2015
1:00 pm
Merritt Hall, room #5208
Beth Walkup
John Poole
Dennis Phillips
Ron Parker
Tom Bushley
Peter Dorman
Tom Sparhawk 
New Business
·         Dennis Phillips presented from Ruth Hendrick to paint cougar paws on the sidewalks to enhance customer service.
Peter Dorman suggested we paint the words on the paws showing exactly where each one is leading to. Ron Parker wants to make sure our ice melt will not fade or mess them up in any way. Tom Bushley suggested we use traffic paint. Tom Sparhawk suggested we try one or two entrances at first to see how it works. Tom Bushley suggested that we have it in place this coming spring for Admissions office and Counseling.
All voted yes in the Committee.
·         Dennis Phillips is working on getting the motorcycle range resurfaced and sealed with slurry seal This is a water base product for cracks. The cost will be between $90,000 - $100,000. This is a good price because the company wants to bring other possible clients to see our lot.
·         New Appomattox Building Landscaping and in Courtyard
·         Outdoor Tables are to be delivered and installed today
·         ServiceMaster has our new cleaning contract.
·         Outdoor Tables are to be delivered and installed today (10/20/2015)
·         Project scope of work for Appomattox Hall to be updated and refurbished.
·         Waiting for quote from VCE for furniture in Counseling.
·         We are in the process of getting rid of the two mobile units.
·         Completed going through the buildings and cleaning our outdated materials.
·         Putting cost sheet together to cut down maple trees. Will be planting oriental cherry trees to replace them.
·         We will be trimming all the crepe myrtles on campus this winter.
·         We are in the process of getting rid of the antennas in the parking lot between Campbell and AREVA.
·         We are working with VCCS to replace the cooling towers in Campbell and Bedford Hall.  The Mechanical Engineer is currently designing them.
·         Capital money for Campbell Hall and Amherst Hall has been resubmitted to demo both and build two new buildings. The General Assembly will vote in February.
John Poole spoke on this topic. He stated that we have submitted for many years and we are now #2 on the list. Bill Price called about a month ago to come visit our campus. The lady with him suggested the demo. We will get funding either way. Hoping for a new so it will be functional for all needs. If that is the case, we would build on available land so our buildings are still usable until the construction is complete.
·         John is in the process of finishing the refund to visa card.
·         MS4 Permit has been sent and approved by DEQ & EPA for the project year.
·         Just finished soil sample and Nutrient Management Plan drafted.
·         Recycling is on hold.
·         Tom Bushley spoke on these issues and stated that by 2018 we have to reduce phosphorus in the waterways by 5%. We have not put chemicals on the lawn for 2 years. Our Deicer is echo friendly.
Other Business:
·         Tom Sparkhawk has requested that we place birdhouses on campus. He stated that we can get the wood that has been soaked in oil so they will last 15-20 years. He would like the environmental club to build them and Facilities to put them up. He has talked with Teresa Ranson about this. Tom B. says we will put them up if they have someone to maintain them but if they are not maintained with will take them down. Peter Dorman stated that is fair, Tom S. agreed.
Need new recorder.
Meeting adjourned at 1:31pm.
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