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Facilities, Finance and Sustainability
March 1, 2016
1:00 pm
Merritt Hall, room #5208
New Business - Facilities
·         A lot of our outdoor needs repair. Facilities is in the process of replacing wiring to lighting in outdoor areas. Ron Parker “When there is construction things get cut. There is conduit in place so this is a direct burial.”
·         We are waiting for call from AEP on parking lot lighting.
·         Grounds crew is getting ready to start spring mulching and landscaping.
·         Wayfinding – talking to PR concerning this. We put on hold the paw prints idea that Ruth Hendrick asked Dennis Phillips to bring to the committee since we are in the process of planning a more permanent plan.
·         Facilities is in the process of general maintenance and cleanup, damage from storm. 2400 block bathroom ice damage will be taken care of during spring break next week.
·         The new furniture has been chosen for counseling.  We are currently waiting for quote from VCE.
·         Looking into purchasing more outdoor tables like we have now. Will be on the concrete area near The Spot, possible veranda.
·         We will be removing all maple trees in summer and replanting Japanese Cherry spring 2017 per the arborist. Suggested by Tom Sparhawk to place a notification on The Daily Bulletin just before we do this so it is not such a shock to everyone as they come on campus.
·         Checking into what can be done about the drainage around the sidewalks near Merritt Hall. Tom Bushley “We have a materials list, just waiting for the ground to dry enough to do the work.”
·         We are still in the process of getting rid of the two mobile units. This is currently on hold, using for storage.
·         We are in the process of getting rid of the antennas in the parking lot between Campbell and AREVA. Tom Bushley “On hold, one is currently being used and we cannot find out which one.
·         Facilities is in the process of doing all pm’s on the chillers.
·         We are working with VCCS to replace the cooling towers in Campbell and Bedford Hall.  The Mechanical Engineer is currently designing them. Will soon be going out to bid. The Honeywell system is due for an upgrade. Honey well is telling Ron and IT that the upgrade will be $40,000 - $60,000. David Lightfoot has requested details on what that upgrade includes and they have not given him any yet
·         I did not receive any new information from Finance.
·         MS4 Permit has been sent and approved by DEQ & EPA for the project year.
·         Nutrient Management Plan has been drafted. Tom Bushley “This has been approved. There is a copy on the Facilities page. We are required to drop the phosphoresce rate by 5% We would like to put drain systems in place for this in 2018.”
Other Business:
·         Dennis Phillips is working on getting the motorcycle range resurfaced and sealed with slurry seal, this is a water base product for cracks. The cost will be between $90,000 - $100,000. This is a good price because the company wants to bring other possible clients to see our lot. Dennis Phillips and Tom Bushley both stated the John Poole put a stop on this project.
·         Tom Bushley “We are wanting to buy a blade aerator which slices into the ground.  Cuts topsoil up, lays seed, and recovers. We have not used fertilizer on the campus for over 2 years. Plan to start throwing sand as a natural nutrient for the soil.
·         Bedford Center is wanting to expand for more early college students and a paramedic program.
Need new recorder.
Members in Attendance:
*Beth Walkup
*Ron Parker
*Dennis Phillips
*Tom Bushley
*Peter Dorman
*Chris Jordan
*Tom Sparhawk
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