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Facilities, Finance and Sustainability
September 6, 2016
1pm Amherst Hall #2209
Members in Attendance:
Lewis Bryant
Connie Sublette
Beth Walkup
Peter Dorman
Ron Parker
Dennis Phillips
Rick Tyler
Kingsly Chukwu 

Old Business:
  • The lighting is still being worked on. Ron stated that people would like the LED lights placed but that cannot be done in these outdoor lights. The lighting is an ongoing project.
  • Wayfinding - Lewis stated that this is a very expensive project. They are working towards getting signage directing student's from the parking lots to counseling as a start.
  • Dr. Capps would like to purchase two more of the outdoor tables like we have now. The tables are always used and enjoyed by the campus.
  • Removal of the maple trees is on hold due to budgets. Facilities has cut down the two dead trees.
  • The drainage problem is still being worked on. The college spent around $30,000 in 2009-2010 but the sidewalks have sank leaving nowhere for water to run off. Ron is looking into having drain tile installed (French Drains). This is about $4,500 per section.
  • Lewis is revisiting the removal of the two mobile units. May need to be left on campus for the renovation of Campbell and Amherst Hall.
  • Lewis is going to follow up with VCCS on the new chiller for Campbell. Ron says Bedford chiller is also bad. Amherst and Appomattox Hall have been replaced. Campbell still has a rented chiller.
  • There will be a retaining pond built near lot #2 for storm water runoff. They have checked into the street sweeping as another option but it can be very costly. The retaining pond is guaranteed that it will meet the requirements for DEQ where street sweeping is not a guarantee.
  • Motorcycle parking - still being discussed as to where, cost, etc.. Ron did find that there is motorcycle parking in two areas of campus. Discussion of the tight parking in the lots, trying to find a solution.

New Business:

  • Beth Walkup's 2 year term as Chair has ended. Lewis Bryant nominated Ron Parker and he has accepted.
  • Recorder - Need recorder. Beth has emailed Muriel, Kris and Kevin requesting to stay on the committee as the recorder. If this is not allowed per the committee rules, Beth will send an email to all the members of the committee requesting a volunteer.
  • Ron stated that we have roofs and equipment on campus that we are going to need to replace.
  • Lewis stated that the planning for the renovation is to begin July 1, 2017. The renovation may start the next year. This will most likely be done in stages. This will take care of the lighting issues for Amherst and Campbell.
  • Connie asked if there is still plans for a round-a-bout at Wards Ferry Rd. Thinking maybe a stop light would be better. Lewis plans on checking into this with the city.
  • Dennis asked about fencing for safety at the woods near the smoking gazebos to keep people from hiding, even if it is just a small section.
  • Rick requested to have a new speaker system for 2123. He has priced it at Best Buy for approximately $2,500. He says David Lightfoot currently has a couple speakers on order.
  • Rick stated that he joined the committee to have some say in the renovations for 2123 when that time comes. 
  • Lewis is still waiting for the carryover funds. Should be about $400K. 
  • Budgets are cut 10% for now. So far we don't have to make the 5% cut. 
  • Enrollment has declined about 2% each of the last 3 years so that is starting to catch up to us.
  • There have been a lot of bills coming in for inspections and site visits totaling about $10K.

Recorder: Beth Walkup
Meeting began at 1:05
Adjourned at 2:04
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