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Facilities, Finance and Sustainability Committee 

October 11, 2016

1:00pm Amherst Hall Room 2209


Members in Attendance:

  • Ron Parker
  • Beth Walkup
  • Peter Dorman
  • Kiingsly Chukwu
  • Rick Tyler
  • Dennis Phillips
  • Thomas Turner
  • Levi Phillips - SGA


Old Business:

  • Ron stated that the rental chiller is still in place for Campbell. They will try to switch it our on weekends if possible.
  • Two heat pumps in Bedford Hall have to be replaced. The worst one at The Spec. Equipment may be 6 to 8 weeks out. Would like to get this started ASAP.
  • Ron believes the safety fence at the woods area is a good idea. Dennis suggested running the fence from Culinary to 70'-100' past the smoking gazebo. This will be much cheaper than a lawsuit if something were to happen to someone. Ron is checking into the funding.
  • Thomas said the speakers for 2123 are to be here by Monday, October 17th. Installation by Friday, October 21st.
  • Ron - MS4 - Pretty significant cost. CVCC website has booklets. Definitely will be building the $50,000 retention pond. Ron had an inspection with a private consultant. He found some changed that will need to be done. We can only have 1,365 gallons of petroleum without a Federal permit. We keep 500 gallons, mostly for the machine shop. Ron found barrels for $5-$10 each. Cannot have empty barrels because they are considered potential to hold petroleum. We have a new contract with Safety Clean. Our light bulbs have to be dated, then pay someone to take them off after a year. We do recycle batteries through VEC. Safely Clean will have a bulb container on campus so we won't have to do as much. they will also give labels for empty barrels.
  • Sprinkler inspection was about $5,000 with an additional $1,000 work needed. The fire marshal will be coming to inspect as well..


New Business:

  • Feminine Product Machines: The Student Success Committee brought the issue to Beth that none of the machines on campus have products in them and asked if they could be stocked. Beth brought the issue to the committee today. Ron stated that the machines are not filled because they kept getting broken into. The last one they replaced in the Library restroom was broken into two days later. When the machines are broken into, the entire machine has to be replaced. There was some discussion on how to handle this. Ron suggested putting signs on the machines to go to the Student Activities office or SGA office if you need supplies. There would be no charge for these since Deanne keeps them there for student's. Ron talked to Deanne and she said that was fine with her. We have also discussed putting a small basket in the ladies rooms with some items in them since the Student Success Committee is doing that in Merritt now. The committee voted yes on this.
  • Changing Stations: Student Success Committee has requested changing stations in one men's room and one ladies room in Amherst and Merritt, also Bedford if funding allows. These are the buildings most used for public events. Ron has spoke to Lewis and they are checking on funding. The committee voted yes on these.
  • Thomas - The application for facility use needs to be updated due to some problems. Toastmasters have been unhooking and changing electronical items. Master Gardeners will not be coming back this Spring for their Tuesday and Thursday classes. We are discussing possibly charging when things are changed in the room or not letting groups that do this come back.
  • Ron will be having the missing ceiling tile in room 2209 replaced.
  • Cold rooms - The rooms are all regulated by the computer. The set point cannot be changed. It would cost $180,000 to get out of the Honeywell system that handles it.
  • Harvard Street - discussion about the large amount of traffic and not being able to turn onto Harvard Street from Wards Ferry Road. Possibly complain to the city and they may change the light time during that time in the mornings?


  • Ron stated that Lewis believes we will be getting the carry over money of about $400,000.

Chair: Ron Parker

Recorder: Beth Walkup

Meeting Began: 1:03pm

Adjourned: 1:52

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